Random Giveaway!

Today, I just feel like giving away some notebooks. What the heck! I’m going to put together a lovely little surprise package for one lucky winner who I’ll randomly select from anyone who comments on this post by the deadline of Friday May 3, 11:59 EST. Feel free to spread the word via social media, […]

Whitelines Video

Cool video from Whitelines, telling the story behind their paper, and promoting their Indiegogo campaign to develop an Android version of their smartphone app. via Whitelines Story V1.3 on Vimeo.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Susannah

Susannah’s blog post has lots of great photos of the 8 Moleskines she is currently using, each for a different purpose, including an art journal, prayer journal and “everything I want to remember for eventually” notebook. See many more photos, including some closeups of her beautiful handwriting, at (life is too short not to) wear […]

“They remind me of my heart’s desire…”

From a lovely essay about using notebooks, by Elaine Fletcher Chapman: Most writers I know work from notebooks. I carry mine with me, as Jason Shinder was known to advise, along with a folder of poems I am currently revising. Even on my shorter commutes, I carry the pair. They remind me of my heart’s […]

Review: Piccadilly Softcover Notebook

This is another notebook I bought about 3 years ago and then immediately shelved. When I first examined it after buying it, I pretty much hated it. I bought it because it was cheap and I’d never tried a softcover Piccadilly, though I’d liked using some of their hardcover ones with graph or plain paper. […]

Spring Giveaway from Lovenotebooks: Paperthinks!

Our friends at Lovenotebooks are celebrating the colors of spring! Lovenotebooks carries a wide selection of eco-friendly Paperthinks notebooks and stationery items in all these gorgeous colors. Paperthinks notebooks are made with 100% recycled leather covers with paper with 50% recycled content inside. This week, you can enter to win the Paperthinks prize package pictured […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Joe

This week’s addict emailed me the photo below, and added these comments: The attached photo is of my notebook collection.  Being in the military I take 2 or 3 pages of notes everyday.  I carry a large rite in the rain. They are very durable in both design and paper quality. I have a moleskine […]

Notebook Page by Shingo Ikeda

I am sorry to say that I seem to have misplaced the name of the reader who tipped me off to this intriguing image, from an exhibition called “Souzou,” featuring  the work of 46 self-taught artists living and working within social welfare facilities across Japan: Untitled by Shingo Ikeda Undated, artist’s notebook, collection of the […]

Review: Miquelrius “Boarding” Notebook

I bought this notebook almost 3 years ago and only just recently got around to unwrapping it. I almost didn’t buy it– though I immediately coveted it when I saw it at A.I. Friedman in NYC, it was priced at $17.60, discounted from an even more ridiculous $22! It’s just a pretty standard pocket size […]

Art Journaling in Action

Cool video: a week of art journaling compressed into a few minutes!