Random Giveaway Winner… Plus More!

Wow, there were 195 responses to my random giveaway post! It’s seems a shame to have to pick only one winner… though there will be more to the story, as you’ll see in a minute. First, my random winner is… (drumroll please)…

Charles Hadden, comment #160

Congratulations Charles!

Now as for everyone else who entered, I’m sorry you couldn’t all win, but not all of you lost, either! One of my favorite things about this blog has been discovering the generosity and enthusiasm of other notebook addicts. I’m not the only one who sometimes realizes the collection has gotten a little out of hand and decides to share the wealth. A reader named Lia contacted me offering to pass on some notebooks she wasn’t going to use herself, and she took the initiative to find the PO Box addresses of two people who entered the random giveaway and is sending them some notebooks! So we have a couple more winners after all.

This isn’t Lia’s first act of random kindness towards notebook lovers. She has occasionally planted a notebook in a public place, leaving it to be found by someone who will give it a new home:

Finding Notebooks

“[Above] is a photo of the recent Moleskine notebook I left at my local library. I like leaving nice messages inside, so when someone finds it they can be sure they can take it home with them rather than bring it to the lost and found. I’ve left a few notebooks in libraries before, usually on a stack with my favorite books. This way I have the ease of imagining that someone who likes the same books I do will find the notebook. Perhaps the librarians find them, which is alright too.

I’ve heard interesting stories of people forgetting a notebook on a train, and a stranger was kind enough to chase them down and return it to them. It really takes some careful planning to find a good place to abandon a notebook, and hope someone will find use for it in their lives. I’ve found journals sitting in the garbage on the side of the street before, in usable condition, and I took them and used them for class notes when I was in school. “

I love the library placement, right between Leonard Nimoy and Anaïs Nin! I may try this myself now and then. Maybe I’ll leave a little note in the notebook asking its new owner to submit a photo to this blog or tell us how they’re using the notebook! I would love to hear more stories from anyone else who has set notebooks free in the wild!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the giveaway, and to Lia for making it even more fun!

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3 Responses to “Random Giveaway Winner… Plus More!”

  1. That’s an amazing idea! I’m sad I missed out on the giveaway; I’m a HUGE journaler. I’ll be sure to linger a while on library shelves from now on. Haha.

  2. I love the idea of releasing notebooks into the wild, and will definitely start implementing that practice.

  3. Thank you for sharing my notebook adventure

    I also mailed some notebooks to two random folks I picked from the comments in the Giveaway post 🙂

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