Moleskine Monday: Custom Books

It’s become quite common for people to customize Moleskines by having a company logo stamped or printed onto the cover. Sometimes there might even be some custom content inside. But it is relatively rare that actual books are published using a Moleskine notebook as the medium.

Here are two that I own:

The first is the ADC Young Guns 6/ Undiscovered Letter set. It’s basically a collection of spreads on different graphic designers, published each year by the Art Director’s Club. A wide variety of work is featured in the book, along with a guide to all the selected designers. It’s a fun book to flip through, lots of inspiring images.

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The set also includes a softcover book called The Undiscovered Letter, in which people who had been selected as “Young Guns” in the past were invited to envision a 27th letter of the alphabet, and the results were published in this book, to help raise awareness of the lettera27 non-profit literacy organization.
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More info here on Moleskine’s website.

I forget how I heard about this other Moleskine book, 0.00 Night. This one is a project by an independent publisher called Zeropuntozerozero (that’s the 0.00), featuring the photographs of Renato D’Agostin and various people’s musing on what night means to them. More info here.


moleskine books14moleskine books15moleskine books21moleskine books20moleskine books19moleskine books18moleskine books17moleskine books16

In both of these books, I just love the way Moleskine’s slightly cream-colored paper takes the color printing and gives photos a soft, slightly retro look. It’s like Instagram on paper! And these books are from a few years ago, when they kept the page edges really tight to the covers, no nasty overhang! Both of these are in the pocket size format, which is especially appealing in the thick, chunky Young Guns book.

I’ve always liked collecting small books that are about the same size as my favorite notebooks, so these Moleskines are the best of both worlds for me!

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  1. I heard that in order to be in Young Guns, you either have to be a graphic designer or artist, really good ones. I was thinking of ordering these books for inspiration, because from what I have seen, the works presented are groundbreaking, eye popping, and the like

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