Notebook Addict of the Week: Marie

This week’s addict blogs about “writing, reading and tools” at Presents of Mind. She has been collecting notebooks for about 13 years– a sampling of the results are below: Moleskines, Miquelrius, composition books and more, plus some cool vintage labels to identify them! An excellent collection. There’s lots more commentary and photos at My Notebook […]

Cynthia Rowley’s Packing List Includes Notebooks

From the New York Times website, designer Cynthia Rowley talks about favorite things to bring along on her travels, including journals for her kids to record their adventures, at around the :57 mark: Via Can’t Go Without: Cynthia Rowley.

Just a Bad Batch?

I was in a newly opened Staples store the other day, where they had a couple of big displays of Moleskines. I don’t recall seeing Moleskines in Staples in the past, so perhaps they’ve just started carrying them. But what I was very happy to see was that of the stock they had on hand, […]

A Handmade Travel Journal

A really interesting look at someone’s custom designed travel journal holder, with a strap to fasten in the journal, plus pockets for favorite art supplies:     Read more at Week 6 of Designing a Creative Travel Journal | — ✄ – ✄ – the smallest forest – ✄ – ✄ —.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Feisty Red Hair

This week’s addict wrote a great blog post about her love for notebooks:   Notebooks make me joyously happy. I can’t walk past a stationery store without ducking in to check it out. I caress the notebooks, flip through them, smell their pages, massage the covers, and usually walk out with an aching heart unless […]

Review: Paper Republic Notebook

The lovely sample below arrived from Vienna, where Paper Republic is based. This is an example of their Noto collection, and it’s quite an international notebook: the Chiyogami paper cover is screen-painted by hand in Japan, the pages inside are made of Swedish paper, the notebook was bound in Budapest, Hungary and then was hand-numbered […]

1919 Electrical Engineer’s Notebook

I forget how I came across this but it’s pretty cool. From a 2008 eBay sale– I wonder who snagged it! Read more at Hang Fire Books: 1919 Electrical Engineer’s Notebook, Abstract Plumbing Poster and 1950s Telefilm Pressbooks.

Notebooks Organized Neatly

Another nice image containing notebooks from Things Organized Neatly, this one by Andy Barron. The one in the bottom right could be a DesignY notebook. In the middel, probably a Moleskine Cahier. I’m not sure about the other notebooks, but the other funny thing I noticed about this picture is that I have the same […]

Moleskine Monday: New Brand Look?

Moleskine’s got a new look, at least for their website and ads. I wonder if they’ll start to use this new concept on the notebooks themselves, or their packaging? Over the past few years, the company has diversified into areas such as apps and print-on-demand services – and a new identity for the brand created […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Derrick

This week’s addict blogs at I Still Write about some of our favorite things : letters, postcards, pens and notebooks! He started the blog to teach his kids about the fast-disappearing world of snail mail, and how cool it is to write and receive good old-fashioned paper correspondence to and from places around the world. […]