An Unusual-Looking Notebook

The Tumblr site Things Organized Neatly is often a good place to spot notebooks. When people lay out the stuff that’s in their bag or on their desk, a notebook is often included, though usually they are recognizably Moleskines without any distinguishing wear and tear.
This entry does seem to feature a Moleskine (upper right corner), but it also has a very intriguing notebook in the middle of the page.

With an orange ribbon marker and orange elastic closure, I’m guessing it’s a Rhodia Webnotebook, but the outside of the notebook has either been painted white or there’s some paper glued on. It looks like it might have a student’s weekly class schedule on it.

notebook webbie w schedle
Whatever it is, I like the looks of it.

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  1. It looks like the owner made a cover for a red pocket Moleskine?

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