Notebook Addict of the Week: Yashira

Yashira emailed me these photos of her beautiful collection. I love how the colors look together! The ones with the tab closure are from Eccolo. Here’s what she has to say: “My name is Yashira Marie, and I am a journal/notebook lover. I love your site because it showcases others like me, addicts of journals […]

DIY Notebooks

Homework has a  great roundup of colorful and crafty DIY notebooks: Read more at homework: Inkling: Inspiring Notebook Round Up.

What Famous Authors Write With

There was an interesting feature at Flavorwire on the writing tools of famous authors. Unfortunately, most of the examples just include a photo of the author rather than the writing tools themselves, but here’s a notable exception:   It’s J. K. Rowling‘s plans for writing Harry Potter, on a sheet of looseleaf paper. Wow. See […]

Daycraft Signature Duo

Here’s something a little different: the Daycraft Signature Duo, a two sided notebook  featured on Design Milk. It’s similar to the Revolver Journal I reviewed a while back, but with a much simpler construction. I’m always a bit concerned that a notebook that opens on two sides will be awkward to actually use, but I […]

Moleskine Monday: Postal Notebook

A couple of links about Moleskine’s Postal Notebooks: A review at Inktronics: Special Guest Post by Bogon07 Moleskine Postal Notebook The review is hand-written in the notebook itself, over several pages including the one below: The bleed-through looks pretty bad with those fountain pen inks, so using other types of pens or pencils is recommended. […]

Notebook Winners! Stillman & Birn and Nuuna Giveaways

At long last, here are our winners for the latest two giveaways:   Stillman and Birn Zeta Sketchbooks: From the comments: THAO (#13)  and CANNON (#15) On Facebook: Ralph Mathis On Twitter: @NyteTyger   Nuuna Notebook: On Facebook: Janel Gradowski   Please email your mailing addresses to nifty [at] notebookstories [dot] com. Stillman and Birn […]

Field Notes, Field Nuts

Occasionally I get emails from readers who want to contact people I’ve featured on this site with notebook collections including Field Notes. There are lots of limited editions, and people like to collect them all. Now there’s also a website and Facebook group that can help with this quest: Field Nuts! Check out the forums […]

Decorated Sketchbook Covers

Do you decorate your notebook or sketchbook covers? Here’s some cool ones from examples submitted to the Gurney Journey blog:   Read more at Gurney Journey: Your sketchbook covers.

Notebook Addict of the Week (Again): Ina

Over 2 years ago, this week’s addict made her first appearance on this site. I loved the way Ina measured her collection by standing next to the pile. She’s kept collecting notebooks since then and look how the pile has grown! As of April 30, 2013: As of March 31, 2011: Ina has a whole […]

Isaac Newton’s Notebooks

The front cover of Isaac Newton’s notebook from the 1660s. How amazing to think that something he called a “Waste Book” would contain his notes on scientific and mathematical concepts that are so important to us today! The pages are available digitally via the Cambridge University Library. See more images at Isaac Newton’s Personal Notebooks […]