1880s Memorandum Book

Here’s a drool-worthy item that some collector has probably already snapped up:


From the description:

“The writing in the book includes “This Old Pocket Book & Pencil was given to me by my Father about the year 1882 and in the following pages I have recorded some of the events of my Life, places visited and experiences.” The next page records “Apprenticed to John Chambers July 1886. Finished apprenticeship July 1890. March-8-91 Left the farm of John Chambers, Grantham. Wed March 18 Left Grantham 12.30 Arr. Kings X 2.40 To 76 George St. Evening to Wardour Hall, Cleveland Hall” [Methodist. Cleveland Hall was was dedicated to helping young women who were in poverty.] . Monday March 23 1891 Entered Mr Whiteley’s Employ.” There follow many brief, often daily entries through 1891 and ending on April 30th 1892, giving glimpses of the work and leisure of a working woman in Victorian London. The book is a combination of a scarce example of this type of notebook, with original stilus, together with a unique personal record.”

See more at IMPROVED PATENT IVORY SURFACE METALLIC MEMORANDUM BOOK [with writing stilus ]: T J & J Smith London no date – Peter M. Huyton.

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2 Responses to “1880s Memorandum Book”

  1. Wow, that is so old.

    You’ve got to wonder how it got kept in the first place… who found it important enough to save…. where it’s been all of these years. Has it been in an attic for 100 years?

    I wonder… why is it on sale now?

    Did the family keep it for generations until none of the family members were left? Are there any heirs or descendants?

  2. […] of these T. J. Smith’s “metallic memorandum books” online (and posted about one here). I just wish I’d find one in a junk shop somewhere so I could own one of these treasures […]

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