A Fire Chief’s Notebooks

This is a pretty neat story:

Le Hendrick never thought he would find buried treasure while sifting through a file cabinet inside Conway’s Country Club Drive fire station.

“I was just looking for a few files and saw something strange at the bottom of the drawer,” the Conwayite and battalion chief of fire operations said. “I picked it up and was shocked when I realized what it was.”

In his hand he held an old diary from Conway’s second fire chief Perry Quattlebaum.

Quattlebaum also served as Conway’s first mayor.

The notebook dates back to 1917.

Read more at  Conway firefighter finds ‘buried’ treasure – MyHorryNews.com: Conway.

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2 Responses to “A Fire Chief’s Notebooks”

  1. I love stories like this. It makes me wonder though, if in future there will be less stories like this because journalling (on paper) is a minority exercise now.

  2. Looking at it another way, with the lack of people writing, the journals they do discover will be that much more valuable

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