Glamorous Notebooks

Ivana at Macarons and Pearls  offers a selection of her favorite glamorous and pretty notebooks, and some thoughts about choosing and using them:

“I’ve always been big on collecting beautiful things: whether it’s cookbooks, Vogue issues, lipsticks or nail polishes, having a curated collection of something that inspires me and makes me happy feels really important to me. And if there’s one thing I’ve been collecting for all my life, it’s pretty notebooks. There’s something so special and enchanting about opening a new journal: it holds a promise of new beginnings, new ideas and inspirations, of motivating words of wisdom as well as random ramblings. Memory can be such a fickle and unreliable thing, and there are too many beautiful and memorable things in our lives that merit to be recorded and remembered!”

Here’s her current favorite, a cute little leather-wrapped journal (available here):

See more at Macarons and Pearls: Glamorous touch: Notebooks.

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  2. […] Notebook Stories shares some “Glamorous Notebooks.” […]

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