Notebook Addict of the Week: AK

This week’s addict posted the photo below on Flickr, titled “All the Notebooks I Used in 2013”. Looks like Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Pukka Pads, and Pocket Dept, all nicely lined up and labeled. And displayed in a nice almost-rainbow of colors! See the original at All the notebooks I used in 2013. #moleskine #leuchtturm #journal #journaling […]

Moleskine Monday: Holiday Storyboard Sketches

Jamie from Twisted Sister (not the band) has been doing some holiday-themed drawings in a Moleskine Storyboard notebook. I’d never thought of this before, but she says this type is her favorite because the squares on the pages provide a nice small space in which to do a drawing, thereby removing “the fear factor of […]

Moleskine Monday: Studio Ghibli Special Edition

Oooohhh…   Read more at Studio Ghibli Special Edition: The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya – Moleskine ®.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Jemma

This week’s addict emailed me to share her collection– or at least part of it: I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and my favourite part of it is the Addict of the Week. I always wonder if my collection is actually a bit absurd compared to some of the others, but […]

Review: Doxie Flip Portable Scanner (Bonus Field Notes Giveaway!)

I’m pretty picky about reviewing things that aren’t notebooks. I’ve occasionally been asked to review notebook covers or pen holders and the like, but I usually decline the samples, as I’m just not that interested. So when the makers of the Doxie Flip Scanner offered me a sample to try, I at first thought I […]

Moleskine Monday: Another Magazine Find

This one’s from the New York Times “T” Magazine of Dec. 8, a Moleskine planner belonging to Italian fabric designer Idarica Gazzoni:  

Notebook Addict of the Week: Nairobi Queen

This week’s addict posted this photo on Flickr with these comments: “The journals I have here with me in England I have no idea where the rest of my books are, but here is a pretty good spread.” From that, I deduce that she was just traveling to England or living there temporarily, and I […]

The Sketchbook / Memorandum Book of W.G. Read

I just love this. A beautiful old notebook with wonderfully drawn little sketches. I’ve come across a few other examples of these T. J. Smith’s “metallic memorandum books” online (and posted about one here). I just wish I’d find one in a junk shop somewhere so I could own one of these treasures myself! Read […]

Diana Balmori Notebooks

I spotted this at McNally Jackson Bookstore in NYC and couldn’t resist: a small paperback book/facsimile notebook full of drawings by landscape architect Diana Balmori. From the publisher’s website (which seems to be the only place to buy the book online): “Notebooks is a record of sketches by Diana Balmori FASLA. Reflecting twenty years of […]

Canson 180° Sketchbook Review

I found this sketchbook at Lee’s Art Shop in Manhattan and was intrigued by the concept: the Canson 180° Sketchbook promises to open completely flat, thanks to a unique binding. When you first spot this on the shelf, you might think it’s a fairly typical Moleskine-ish notebook– the black pseudo-leather textured cover, the 3.5 x […]