Notebook Addict of the Week: Esmé

This week’s addict is another young one who is getting an early start on collecting. Esmé emailed me these photos of her collection and the commentary below.

fghjk 003

fghjk 007

fghjk 008

fghjk 013


fghjk 005

fghjk 006

“Attached are photos of my notebook collection. I’m 16, I’ve been writing a diary since I was 9 (although before that I dictated to my mum and she would write diary entries for me in a princess notebook, before I could write myself)- diaries 1-12 are in the loft now, but number 13 is currently in use and stays in my box of in-use notebooks (the green one- there are 8 books in there). On the shelf are filled notebooks and art journals of various sorts (ten of them) since the start of this year, and in the plastic drawer is my set of empty notebooks and sketchbooks waiting for me (6). I also have a few others somewhere in my room, but I have no idea where.  I’ve only been collecting notebooks for a year or two, because until I was 14 I would tear out the useful pages of the notebooks I brought to school and throw away the rest (I’m horrified at myself now, but they were cheap notebooks that would have fallen apart anyway). I have different books for different things now, including the purple notebook with the cakes on it- that’s been with me since I was 9, and I use it for creative writing. It’s almost full, so I have a new one waiting for me. It’s falling apart, but I love it dearly!”

I wish I had filled my notebooks so diligently and creatively when I was a teenager. And you can see that she has really used that cupcake one pretty intensively! I’m sure Esmé will be building up an amazing collection of notebooks filled with some great writing over the next few decades! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Esmé!

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3 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Esmé”

  1. ah thanks for putting my pictures up! (The collection has grown further since, especially over Christmas)

  2. I watched your videos at least 12 times and I loved it! You have really good creativity and you’re so artistic. I wish I could fill up my journals like that. 😀 Thanks for Sharing!

  3. […] Esmé has been featured here as a notebook addict before, back in January 2014. Since then, their collection has been expanding , filling a whole additional shelf! […]

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