Notebook Addict of the Week: June

This week’s addict is one of the kind readers who loves notebooks so much, she even enjoys sharing her extras and once sent me a couple of notebooks to review. She probably didn’t miss them, as she has 267 other notebooks waiting to be used… or at least that was how many she had back in February 2013 when she wrote this article on Slate: The Paper Chase: Confessions of a Stationery Addict. I thought I’d already made her an addict of the week but realized it was quite overdue!

The slideshow with the Slate article isn’t working right now, but I have some exclusive photos of June’s collection that are even better!

This is a pretty serious addiction:

photo 4

photo 3

June says:

“I keep my empty notebooks on these overcrowded shelves–most of them anyway–there are stacks all over the house, on other bookshelves, and in one of the Field Notes archival boxes that I felt like a sucker for buying but love anyway. I’ve had many of these books for years. They sit untouched and neglected, and then I suddenly feel compelled to use one. I love smooth Japanese and Korean paper, and while I’m unable to resist purchasing that kind of paper and attractive notebooks, the bulk of my writing is done in more commonplace composition books, cheap reporters notebooks, and of course pocket-sized books like Field Notes and Moleskine cahiers. I’ve made quite a few journals over the years (those are on still another shelf), but I can’t imagine ever using them.”

Thanks June, for sharing your addiction (and your notebooks)!

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6 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: June”

  1. Wow, that’s so many! Interesting that she likes composition notebooks. For some reason the cardboard on those bother me. 200+ notebooks…. whoa!

  2. HOLY MOLY! That is a lot of journals! If only my budget would allow me to collect journals. But I tend to collect pens more so than journals at the moment! lol

  3. I’d love to see the slideshow. Too bad Slate apparently took it down. Does anyone know of a site where it actually is available?

    I”m envious. 😉 I’d like to have 267 to consider, but would have serious trouble finding that many of interest to anyone seriously interested in notebooks. It is time to have something custom made! Nicely done.

  4. Loved her article! Would love to know what she writes in them as well!

  5. […] week’s addict was found thanks to a tip from last week’s addict, June. John Dickerson wrote a piece on Slate that I think many of us will identify with, about our […]

  6. @Green With The slide show hasn’t been taken down exactly. It’s more that a change to the publishing system “broke” all the old slide shows. Fixing them is on the developers’ to-do list, but I’m not sure yet when they’ll get to it.

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