Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice

No long review today, just a quickie giveaway, courtesy of our friends at Exaclair/ Rhodia! They have just introduced some new pads in a slick new color scheme: white and silver, cool and slick for the summer! I love their classic orange, but this is gorgeous too!




To enter, leave a comment about what you love about Rhodia notebooks and pads. Make sure you enter your email so I can contact you if you win– addresses won’t be used or shared in any other way. Deadline to enter is Friday July 18 at 11:59pm! Good luck everyone!

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197 Responses to “Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice”

  1. Rhodia is the best fountain pen notebook for college students. It’s affordable and we can take notes and not worry about bleedthrough! If i have to turn an assignment in, i just rip ut out from the perforated edge and voila!

  2. […] Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice Notebook […]

  3. I love their convenience, inexpensiveness (is that a word???), and most of all, their gorgeously smooth, luscious paper.

  4. I’m already using a Rhodia pad because the paper is excellent with all kinds of pens.

  5. Very pen friendly, and I love the grids! Thanks for the contest!

  6. I love that dot grid patern

  7. The rhodia paper I have used I like, would love to try more.

  8. I have yet to try Rhodia paper and so would love to win !

  9. If all paper was like this more people might use fountain pens!

  10. Love the thickness of the paper–no bleeding, and the consistency of both the quality of the paper and the smooth texture.

  11. I love Rhodia paper and would like to try this new design.

  12. I love how Rhodia shows off all of the interesting qualities fountain pen ink can have, like shading and sheen.

  13. Clearly the best paper for testing never before used ink to form an opinion on it – Atleast that’s my look at it.

  14. Love the ice! So slick. Pick me! 🙂

  15. Rhodia…….It is the ONLY pads of paper that are used inside my house as they are such a quality paper! AND my NIB’s just love that paper!

    How much better can life be?

  16. I discovered Rhodia notebooks in France 20 years ago. At least one is always with me — in a pocket or briefcase. They are the best when writing with a fountain pen.

  17. My first fountain pen friendly pad was a winner! Love this paper. So smooth.

  18. I love the quality of the paper and the orange colour !

  19. Foiuntain pen friendly, for sure. And I loves me them little dots.

  20. Oooops. That is to say “Fountain” pen friendly. Got excited about them little dots.

  21. I’ve never used Rhodia paper before, but I’d like to! I appreciate the Ice edition’s clean design.

  22. I love the simple aesthetics, especially the black and ice covers.The perforation is absolutely the best out of all pads that I have used. The fold is so clever, and of course the paper quality is great!

  23. Oops, forgot to leave my email address.

  24. Never used Rhodia ..would love to try one.

  25. I love the paper resistance to those wet inks!

  26. I have never used one! But now I see I must be missing out!!

  27. Just the perfect balance of weight, brightness, absorvance and smoothness.

  28. The quality of the paper is incredible!

  29. My 9 year old daughter is into interior design and is constantly designing (drawing) rooms. She’d love it.

  30. I find that my fountain pens write their best and truest using Rhodia paper. That said, I have to say that I most enjoy the paper in the form of a Webbie! I have to admit that I’d love to win this!!

  31. Rhodia notebooks are the coolest!

  32. Rhodia is the best blend of feedback and smoothness. My favorite paper!

  33. I love the feel of the paper. It’s the only paper I use with a fountain pen.

  34. What a great way to introduce new products , especially for a newbie like me.

  35. What a wonderful way to introduce a new product and to a newbie it is just awesome!!!!

  36. What a great contest. This is wonderful paper, capturing and holding the ink nicely. Rhodia products shows well and feels great as you write (even using different nib sizes)

  37. I love the paper and that my ink does not bleed through.

  38. I made myself a wallet specifically to carry around a No. 11 pad at all times- the paper is great, and the size is incredibly convenient!

  39. I would love this paper! I’ve just been using notebook paper to write with my fountain pens. It would be nice to write on quality paper for a change.

  40. I’d love to try one of these! I’ve been drooling over images of the fountain pen ink tests on several blogs.

  41. Love Rhodia as fountain pen friendly. I like the lines color more on these new pads.

  42. I have not tried these before. I would love to win to give it a try!

  43. i use rhodia to practice calligraphy! love the paper and simple design

  44. I’ve heard such great things about Rhodia but have never tried one– mostly because there’s no stores in my area that sell them! So I would love to get one to try and make my note-taking this semester a little more luxurious!

  45. I love how harmonious Rhodia pads are will most, if not all, fountain pens. They are just perfect together.

  46. Love it

  47. Rhodia is one of the 3 papers I like that are in my opinion tied for first place in my paper use rotation. The variety of sizes makes it handy for all sorts of uses.

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