Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice

No long review today, just a quickie giveaway, courtesy of our friends at Exaclair/ Rhodia! They have just introduced some new pads in a slick new color scheme: white and silver, cool and slick for the summer! I love their classic orange, but this is gorgeous too!




To enter, leave a comment about what you love about Rhodia notebooks and pads. Make sure you enter your email so I can contact you if you win– addresses won’t be used or shared in any other way. Deadline to enter is Friday July 18 at 11:59pm! Good luck everyone!

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197 Responses to “Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice”

  1. I adore the paper itself! Fountain pen friendly for sure.

  2. I’d love to win!

  3. Love Rhodia for the quality of the paper, the plethora of sizes, the grids and for fountain pen use. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. What!? Beautiful.

  5. Awesome paper. Smooth for almost everything…

  6. The feel of the paper… The aesthetics..

  7. I love the consistent quality of Rhodia!!

  8. It would be nice to win a smooth new Rhodia pad to try out fountain pen friendly grid paper!

  9. I love the weight and smoothness of the paper.

  10. Great quality and great aesthetics! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Smooth, high quality paper. Rhodia sets the bar high for all notebooks.

  12. I love the silky feel of the paper, which is lovely with fountain pens. It’s a good weight and you can use both sides. Thanks for giveaway of a nice Ice.

  13. I so appreciate fine paper bound in an understated folio that doesn’t rely on mass merchandising glitter. Well done, Rhodia,

  14. Love the DOTS!!

  15. Love Rhodia paper for its smoothness, great with fountain pens!

  16. I’ve been wanting to try the Rhodia ice pads! So beautiful!

  17. Rhodia takes ink like no other paper!

  18. I love how they look!!! Stunning.

  19. Wow! I would love a chance to try a Rhodia pad. Also, the new Ice looks gorgeous. I have never tried a Rhodia before, but all the reviews online makes it sound awesome for FPs

  20. The paper, the paper and really the paper.

  21. I love their texture and how fountain pen friendly they are! 😀

  22. I love the creamy smoothness that greets the nib of my fountain pen when I use this paper!

  23. The smoothness of the paper makes for lovely writing!

  24. I love the way the paper feels when I’m writing on it. I’ve never found anything better!

  25. Great paper weight. Absorbs ink well and won’t bleed into the next side. Love them!

  26. Writing in the paper feels silky smooth and the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper!

  27. My fountain pens love Rhodia paper.

  28. Thanks for having the giveaway – use Rhodia pads with my fountain pens as well as gel pens.

  29. I love Rhodia’s paper and normally the orange covers but these look pretty great.

  30. My fountain pens love them!

  31. I love Rhodia’s dot ruling!!! . . .

  32. The lovely paper surface is ideal for fountain pens and gel pens! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  33. sleek, stylish and professional. especially w the clean ‘ice’ styling!

  34. Their Dot paper notebooks have great branding, and of course, their paper is amazing. Gorgeous color up there as well.

  35. I love the simple styling. Thanks for the the contest!

  36. I really enjoy the texture of the paper and how pretty much any pen just glides across the page.

  37. Rhodia is just great paper to use with fountain pens. It makes writing fun

  38. My fountain pens love, love, love the paper. I test all of my inks first on Rhodia before going forth!

  39. Rhodia paper is some of the best fountain pen paper I’ve ever used! It has just enough tooth to let the ink set in, and the pads are so convenient! They make great stationary, I’d love to get my hands on some again.

  40. For me, Rhodia represents the ideal balance of form and function.

  41. Rhodia is excellent for fountain pens, which I now use most of the time. I’m not that into the orange Rhodia cover (haha), but Rhodia Ice is such a pretty white that I would enjoy looking at it (and maybe showing it off, even)!

  42. Rhodia is the Mt Everest of notebooks and the Mona Lisa of papers.

  43. What do I like about Rhodia paper? Why the smooth paper of course.

  44. The paper, oh goodness the paper. So high-quaility.

  45. My favorite thing about them? Definitely that they are fountain pen friendly, and come in a “legal pad” style. Also they get extra points for not changing their old logo ^.^ very iconic

  46. I love the paper, of course, but also the range of sizes for every need. My favourite is No. 16!

  47. I love the dotgrid and the feel of the paper.

  48. The paper is soooo smooth! I love it.

  49. Well I don’t know anything about Rhodia notebooks because I haven’t seen them in my country, but if I win I’ll tell you for sure! 😛

  50. Rhodia are fountain pen friendly and that makes them tops!

  51. What I love about Rhodia is the high quality of their paper, which makes writing with a fountain pen a joy.

  52. Like most everyone else, love them for the fountain pen friendly-ness….and orange covers! But the new Ice ones look great too.

  53. The small Rhodia pad was probably my first “quality” pad ever. Was with my dad buying school supplies in middle school. He really sisnr know what I needed so where normally I would have gotten an old mead spiral topped pad (always had a habit for making lists to remember homework and stuff) and some #2s I ended up with a couple of Pentel mechanical pencils (P205s maybe?) And looking for a pad near all the fancy pens and pencils that live in their own houses under glass saw that awesome high viz pad with the slick thick paper stapled at the too, grid squares instead of lines. Amazing. All the way through college and some grad school kept going back to the rhodias. So awesome to write on and just feels good under your hand.

  54. Tiny phone + big thumbs = clicking send before your email is entered. See above

  55. WOW! Would love to win.

  56. Oh, and I never tried a Rhodia pad as of yet, would love the chance.

  57. orange is bright, black is modest, now silvery white is just so elegant! i’d love to try this out.

  58. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of using a Rhodia, and I would love to get the chance!

  59. I love the sleek look of these white pads!

  60. Lovely paper is the bottom line on Rhodia. Although usually its the orange that sucks me in.

  61. Yes, I love the feel of the paper — perfect for fountain pens, pencil, and other inks! And grid or dot designs are perfect for writing, sketching,and other artistic endeavours.

  62. I love how perfect Rhodia notepads are for letter writing! Superb for fountain pens, and perfectly-spaced lines.

  63. I love the paper, but not a fan of the cardboard covers. If I win, I’ll re-bind the whole thing, maybe in Kevlar this time…..

  64. I haven’t had a chance to try Rhodia paper yet, and this would be a great place to start!

  65. Would love a Rhodia pad! I just got my first webbie and love it!

  66. What is there NOT to like?

  67. Love Rhodia paper for use with my fountain pens.

  68. I love Rhodia paper because it’s smooth as silk, and this pad looks cold as ice!!

  69. Rhodia paper is amazing, and the minimalist design of the Rhodia Ice looks incredible.

  70. I love how fountain pen friendly they are, as well as being friendly to my other wet pens. I also love the bright, identifiable colours. They’re hard to lose. And dot grid pads are my favourite in the world.

  71. I like the paper.

  72. I really like Rhodia notepads and these white ones are very nice

  73. They’re the best notebook I’ve found for site visits. With squared paper they’re great for quick engineering sketches; they’re available in sizes small enough to slip in a back pocket; the fold-over cover that’s slightly glossy copes with a splash of water and it’s clean and simple to tear out a page if needs be.

    My current Rhodia (which is getting near replacement!) is jammed full of site notes, notes from a few weeks of house viewing to find my first house and my company mileage records!

  74. I love the fold over cover, and the weight of smoothness of the Rhodia paper. So excited to see the new silver and white color. I think these would great with my new silver and white iPad!

  75. I love the way the paper takes ink, especially fountain pen ink.

  76. Rhodia and I are BEST friends.

  77. The paper is heavenly. So smooth. I love it.

  78. This is wonderfully smooth paper, perfect for pens!

  79. I love the texture of this paper…perfect for all
    sorts of pens… I’d love to win one….thank you
    for doing this for us Notebook Fans!!!!

  80. Rhodia loves my fountain pens just as much as I do. Great paper!

  81. I’ve yet to try a Rhodia, but I’ve used Clairefontaine and let me tell you, it is extraordinary paper. Plus it’s fun to try out different products under the same brand.

  82. Love the white

  83. Love Rhodia pad and paper, especially white. Perfect for fountain pens.

  84. I love the variety of sizes of the pads. I especially love the smoothness of the paper with my fountain pens, best thing is writing with my lamy.

  85. The white is sharp!

  86. I love how fountain pen-friendly the paper is! Oh, and the purple lines don’t hurt either… :-) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  87. Smooth paper and durable covers

  88. I love the high quality paper hidden inside the unassuming simple cover!

  89. I use the little side staple books to record my pens and nibs and the mid and large top staple pads for meeting notes. Thnaks for the chance.

  90. It feels nice and smooth and the line/ grid/dot are a nice colour.

  91. Just nice and smooth when tearing the page

  92. I love writing with a fountain pen on a Rhodia pad. My pen just glides across the page! I usually remove the paper from the pad, punch holes and put it into my Filofax.

  93. Most of my pens do not bleed through Rhodia paper.

  94. I like the paper but I have yet to try out the notepad so it is kind of hard for me to say why I like the notepads… 😀

  95. The quality of the paper is awesome as everyone has said. I love writing on it with every pen and pencil, that’s great!

  96. Best paper to write with Fountain pens….

  97. A fountain pen’s friend.

  98. I’m new to the world of premium writing papers as I’ve finally able to indulge my life-long love of the fountain pen. I’ve not used a Rhodia product yet, but have noticed that Rhodia seems to be the paper of choice for pen and ink reviews. One thing thing I have appreciated about Rhodia as I browse online stores is the sheer number of different sizes of pad available! I’d love to win this giveaway and give Rhodia papers a chance — or maybe I shouldn’t and that way I won’t know what I’m missing. :)

  99. Best shading out of any paper I’ve used, smooth as glass.

  100. I’ve always liked their orange notebooks. Easy to find in a motorcycle saddlebag.

  101. I love Rhodia’s buttery smoothness when I write. Back a couple years ago, I used a Rhodia Staplebound to take notes for one of my classes, and that was the best writing experience I’ve ever had. Made me want to write down everything my prof said!

  102. Rhodia paper is my current favorite of all I’ve tried. I do wish it was less expensive though.

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  104. Rhodia is the only paper I use. It’s perfect for all of my fountain pens and even holds up to my dip pens!

  105. I love Rhodia, because it is exceptionally smooth and almost never feathers, even with the wettest of flexible nibs!

  106. What I like best? First, the paper, which has just about the perfect surface; second, the dot grid ruling, perfect blend of grid and blank and third, the ruling used by the Ice notebooks is nice–if you can’t have dot grid, then the light grey in lined or grid is the way to go.

  107. Love that it works well with all my ink & fountain pens!

  108. I have probably 2 dozen fountain pens and a handful of inks but I’ve never written on fancy paper before, the only media I use is laser-copy paper =P

  109. I love taking notes at meetings on Rhodia paper – not just because it’s so unbelievably smooth to write on, but also because the grid rule makes it so easy to play on when meetings get boring! I can make lists, draw amazingly straight stickmen, write snarky notes to myself….!

  110. It was my first — and remains my favorite — gridded paper! I love the illusion grids give me of being organized.

  111. I’ve never used them. I’d like to make this my very first experience so I can go with the best from the start.

  112. What I love most about the Rhodia notebooks and pads is the allure of trying an iconic product for the first time.

  113. The best all-around high quality paper in a range of sizes and rulings. Once you go dot grid, you’ll never go back!

  114. Enjoy how fountain pen friendly the paper is.

  115. What’s not to love about some of the smoothest paper around. The catchy and iconic colour scheme is a definite plus! Thanks for the giveaway. <3

  116. Consistent quality, and perfect for writing with fountain pens!

  117. I love how the Rhodia paper makes colors pop of the page. It’s just so fantastic.

  118. I love the dot grid! And the paper quality. And the variety of sizes. And the logo. And…

  119. I love the way ink looks on the cream colored paper and the buttery soft feeling of some pens with that paper…

  120. Never had a Rhodia notepad this would be a first.

    Although I have heard great things about them. Hopefully I’ll win one and will be able to extoll it’s virtues to others.

    TThanks for putting up this contest!

  121. Love my Rhodia pads with my fountain pens!

  122. I love Rhodia pads as I love how my fountain pens work on it, no bleed through and I also love the feel of the paper.

  123. I really enjoy working on high quality paper that make writing an experience to be treasured and consumed often. Rhodia paper fits all these items and so many more.

  124. I enjoy using them to write letters to my family.

  125. I love the fountain pen friendly grid paper!! The best, and the variety of sizes is awesome as well!

  126. Im new to fountain pens. At first I thought, ohh its nice I guess. Then I got nice vintage flex pen, and thought, ohhhh I can get used to this. Then I tried my vintage flex on a friends Rhodia Journal, and it was like being enlightened.

    I understand what all the fuss is about now.

  127. Never used these notebooks. I hope to change that soon.

  128. I like the microperfs and whiteness of the paper. Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Rhodia pads treat my fountain pens the way a fountain pen should be treated!

  130. So smooth its like writing on butter! And I love how lightweight the paper is yet strong enough to withstand bleedthrough.

  131. I love the dot pad.. it is a perfect design with a nice balance of structure and freedom. I enjoy writing and just doodling but Don t want to waste a sheet!!

  132. I love to use Rhodia for love notes and fun little messages to snail mail to my friends!

  133. The pads are smooth and great for fountain pens, but not so nice I’m afraid to start using them.

  134. Such great smooth paper!

  135. Paper is smooth and fountain pen friendly. I really
    like the look of the “Ice” pads.

  136. The hue of the paper and its smoothness.

  137. Rhodia is one of my favorites because it is silky smooth. When paired with a smooth fountain pen, it is like writing on teflon–absolutely smooth gliding with almost a complete lack of effort.

  138. I hadn’t tried this brand but I love that it always gets good reviews. I want to try it.

  139. Rhodia Ice
    Is awfully nice
    Its fountain pen friendly
    and sure to entice!

  140. Rhodia is so smooth it makes my writing better

  141. Writing on a Rhodia itself is enough !

  142. The paper quality. How it brings out the colour and shading.

  143. Rhodia is smooth and serene!

  144. I love the anticipation once the cover has been flipped over and your pen of choice is uncapped and poised to write . . .

  145. I love the fact I can write flex for days without worry about feathering or bleed through.

    I also adore that the front cover flips over and perforated paper.

  146. I love the fountain pen friendliness of the paper.

  147. Have 4 journals now, all Rhodia. Nothing else has sufficed since….

  148. I love using pens with flexible nibs, and for that there is no paper better than Rhodia! The nib tines never snag because of its silky smooth texture, and feathering is never a problem. Simply an outstanding product!

  149. I love the crisp, smooth feeling of the paper in my hand.

  150. i love that they are fountain pen and experimentation friendly.

  151. Rhodia is the best fountain pen notebook for college students. It’s affordable and we can take notes and not worry about bleedthrough! If i have to turn an assignment in, i just rip ut out from the perforated edge and voila!

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  153. I love their convenience, inexpensiveness (is that a word???), and most of all, their gorgeously smooth, luscious paper.

  154. I’m already using a Rhodia pad because the paper is excellent with all kinds of pens.

  155. Very pen friendly, and I love the grids! Thanks for the contest!

  156. I love that dot grid patern

  157. The rhodia paper I have used I like, would love to try more.

  158. I have yet to try Rhodia paper and so would love to win !

  159. If all paper was like this more people might use fountain pens!

  160. Love the thickness of the paper–no bleeding, and the consistency of both the quality of the paper and the smooth texture.

  161. I love Rhodia paper and would like to try this new design.

  162. I love how Rhodia shows off all of the interesting qualities fountain pen ink can have, like shading and sheen.

  163. Clearly the best paper for testing never before used ink to form an opinion on it – Atleast that’s my look at it.

  164. Love the ice! So slick. Pick me! :)

  165. Rhodia…….It is the ONLY pads of paper that are used inside my house as they are such a quality paper! AND my NIB’s just love that paper!

    How much better can life be?

  166. I discovered Rhodia notebooks in France 20 years ago. At least one is always with me — in a pocket or briefcase. They are the best when writing with a fountain pen.

  167. My first fountain pen friendly pad was a winner! Love this paper. So smooth.

  168. I love the quality of the paper and the orange colour !

  169. Foiuntain pen friendly, for sure. And I loves me them little dots.

  170. Oooops. That is to say “Fountain” pen friendly. Got excited about them little dots.

  171. I’ve never used Rhodia paper before, but I’d like to! I appreciate the Ice edition’s clean design.

  172. I love the simple aesthetics, especially the black and ice covers.The perforation is absolutely the best out of all pads that I have used. The fold is so clever, and of course the paper quality is great!

  173. Oops, forgot to leave my email address.

  174. Never used Rhodia ..would love to try one.

  175. I love the paper resistance to those wet inks!

  176. I have never used one! But now I see I must be missing out!!

  177. Just the perfect balance of weight, brightness, absorvance and smoothness.

  178. The quality of the paper is incredible!

  179. My 9 year old daughter is into interior design and is constantly designing (drawing) rooms. She’d love it.

  180. I find that my fountain pens write their best and truest using Rhodia paper. That said, I have to say that I most enjoy the paper in the form of a Webbie! I have to admit that I’d love to win this!!

  181. Rhodia notebooks are the coolest!

  182. Rhodia is the best blend of feedback and smoothness. My favorite paper!

  183. I love the feel of the paper. It’s the only paper I use with a fountain pen.

  184. What a great way to introduce new products , especially for a newbie like me.

  185. What a wonderful way to introduce a new product and to a newbie it is just awesome!!!!

  186. What a great contest. This is wonderful paper, capturing and holding the ink nicely. Rhodia products shows well and feels great as you write (even using different nib sizes)

  187. I love the paper and that my ink does not bleed through.

  188. I made myself a wallet specifically to carry around a No. 11 pad at all times- the paper is great, and the size is incredibly convenient!

  189. I would love this paper! I’ve just been using notebook paper to write with my fountain pens. It would be nice to write on quality paper for a change.

  190. I’d love to try one of these! I’ve been drooling over images of the fountain pen ink tests on several blogs.

  191. Love Rhodia as fountain pen friendly. I like the lines color more on these new pads.

  192. I have not tried these before. I would love to win to give it a try!

  193. i use rhodia to practice calligraphy! love the paper and simple design

  194. I’ve heard such great things about Rhodia but have never tried one– mostly because there’s no stores in my area that sell them! So I would love to get one to try and make my note-taking this semester a little more luxurious!

  195. I love how harmonious Rhodia pads are will most, if not all, fountain pens. They are just perfect together.

  196. Love it

  197. Rhodia is one of the 3 papers I like that are in my opinion tied for first place in my paper use rotation. The variety of sizes makes it handy for all sorts of uses.

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