Notebook Addict of the Week: Bee

This week’s addict blogs about creativity, and declares that she is “addicted to pretty notebooks.”

“So I was extremely excited to learn that I am not the only gal who has an overwhelming addiction to fancy diaries, journals, and notebooks. They can be plain, they can have beautiful covers, there can be lined, plain, and paper with monograms within. I enjoy both the bound books and the spiral kind. I have had this desire for fancy little books since a very young age. However the sickest part about this addiction is, they are all left blank! I’m serious, I buy and buy with great intention, and huge plans for these awesome little books. I just can not bring myself to write in the books.”

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3 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Bee”

  1. For the life of me I can’t understand why people are afraid to write in their notebooks and journals. I too am addicted to notebooks and journals, but I write in all of them. My notebooks and journals are just for me and I don’t care if I make a mistake. I guess I am a writer first and a notebook addict second. Journal and notebook writing do
    es not have to be perfect. Enjoy your notebooks!

  2. i am not afraid to write in my notebooks, yet i have a pile of about 30 blank books on my shelf:

    my problem is, i can only have one ‘in progress’ journal at a time; i have to completely fill all the pages of one notebook before i begin another one.

    so when i acquire notebooks faster than i can fill them… i end up with too many blank books.

  3. Very good to hear I am not the only addict, and that we all have O.C.D tendencies in the use of our note books.. I do write in mine, but I have to really be committed to what the journal is going to be based on, lol…

    Also the fact I love them as decoration too leads to a massive amount never being used, and I just don’t like the thought of running out of a certain ink, or messy handwriting, ahhhh, such a issue i know

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