Grandma’s Teenage Diaries

A very cool story about someone finding his grandmother’s old diaries… and what lovely diaries they were, with colorful patterned covers and red edges…

“My parents recently found five journals in one of those listless cardboard boxes that leaves an attic only when somebody dies or the house is sold. (Don’t worry, everyone survived the sale of the house.) The journals were written by my paternal grandmother when she was living with her widowed mom in Gloversville, N.Y. It was July 1910. She was 16, an only child. The first entry begins “Dearest Anybody,” which I took as permission to start reading.”

Read more at: Letter of Recommendation: Grandma’s Teenage Diaries – The New York Times


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  1. Thank you for sharing this story, it was a great read. I like (and dread) the thought of someone, someday finding my years worth of journals. It is terrifying but also somewhat liberating, as I have long believed it might be one of truest versions of me and to have someone know that version…could be amazing.

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