Worst Notebook Story Ever!

I love notebooks a lot, but there’s no notebook worth fighting over to the point of pulling out a gun! Some Walmart shoppers got a little too aggressive looking for back to school bargains in the notebook aisle!


Read more: Gun pulled in fight between back to school shoppers at Walmart in Michigan

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2 Responses to “Worst Notebook Story Ever!”

  1. Holy cow! I thought Poppin notebooks were popular! Glad I don’t shop at Walmart. Speaking of which, I’m in the market for a new notebook. I have been using Poppin’s Medium Spiral Bound Notebooks, but they don’t make them with the number of pages I need (a lot of pages). Can you recommend something similar, with hard covers, a small size, and a good amount of pages? I’d put a link to the one I’m using, but they don’t make it anymore. Here’s something similar, but the one I have is 5″x8″, and 180 pages.


  2. I heard about this on (I think) Titus Podcast. Very shameful behavior to consider it worth whipping out a pistol over a notebook when you can go to the next store and maybe pay a little more but you know, not threaten a human life.

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