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My name is Nifty and I am a notebook addict. I own hundreds of notebooks, some filled with ideas, memories, drawings, lists, numbers, and stories… and some still empty and pristine. I’m always searching for the perfect notebook to use.

Notebook Stories presents notebooks from my collection, other people’s notebooks, new product reviews, links to other notebook resources, and explorations of the ways we use notebooks, journals, blank books, sketchbooks and the like. Join me in celebrating the notebook obsession so many of us share!

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  1. Hey there love the site. Glad to see there are other people addicted to notebooks too. Makes me feel all nice and fuzzy.

    Thought you might be interested my little business/ not really a business just something fun to keep me busy…

    Rogue’s Bindery. Quality hand bound sketchbooks and notebooks.
    Made with love down here in NZ.





  2. Check out this brand. http://www.grandluxe.com , Singapore based manufacturer since 1945.

    They seems to offer good quality notebook based on some reviews I read.



  3. Hi, please check the http://www.leuchtturm1917.com website for the Leuchtturm notebooks, which have all the benefits from all the other brands joined into one notebook or agenda!!!! I love to use them, with the numbered pages, the index in front, the good quality non bleed-through paper, and the A4+ size !!!!! ALso their PENLOOP is a simple but great product, as I always lost my pen,,,,, I use all the different size and do get good response on the red one. !!!

    Leuchtturm really does it for me, I hope you are willing to try it as well, you won’t be sorry…

  4. Hey! another notebook collector/fan. Like you I have several (edit:many) notebooks that are still pristine and unused. Some are just too nice to spoil. I am a big fan of Moleskine notebooks. Have joined your twitter feed. Great site :)

  5. hi, nifty-your site is a miracle! thought i was alone in my fascination w/notebooks. i’ve been trying desperately to locate any surviving specimens of a spiral notebook i used as a junior high student in 1968-1970. it was a 9 1/2″ by 6″ spiral notebook with brown board cover, 3 section and 150 pages. what made it unique was that the wire spiral was covered with a green plastic binding. it was not a novelty item-you could buy it in any stationery or candy store and it was manufactured by one one of the big companies, mead or national, i can’t recall. i’d pay dearly to find just one for purchase! if there’s any way you can help me find one, won’t you please let me know? again, many thanks fo your fascinating website! best wishes, gil

  6. I have really enjoyed perusing your site and have found some great new products and sites to check out. I have a question for you though. Do you know anything about the brand ‘Oh Boy’ and where to find their notebooks? I have one fatbook that I found on ebay some years ago and have had a hard time finding anything else. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.


  7. Hey Nifty. I’ve noticed a difference between some moleskine cahiers and the soft and hard covers. Some large kraft cahiers seem to have a bolder stamp, different corners, stiffer cover and possibly different paper than colored versions. Also, the soft pocket and large seem to have paper that is more white with bolder lines than the hard which have darker paper and less bold lines. I prefer squared pretty much across the board but find I am liking plain as well lately. Is this on purpose or did they change their design etc..Thanks for any info……Ted

  8. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this question, but it could just be some variability in the manufacturing rather than a deliberate change.

  9. I posted an image of some Oh Boy notebooks here. At the time, they were available from Jenni Bick, but they no longer seem to be listed on their site now. Chronicle Books is the distributor, and you can buy a few styles directly from their website.

  10. Love the banner at the top showing so many wonderful notebooks. I also have been collecting notebooks for years and some are full, some half-full, and some still blank. But I keep finding more I love and can’t live without. Glad to know I am no alone. Sometimes thought no one else felt the way I did about notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.

  11. Hey Nifty, you site is the paradise of notebook collectors, very very good.
    Please check the website of brazilian moleskines made in recicled paper.

    Merry Xmas

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  13. 12/26/09

    Barnes & Noble has their Moleskine 2010 planners deeply discounted.

  14. Hi Nifty

    I just wanted to get in touch and say hello.

    I’ve just started up a blog on notebooks ‘across the pond’- http://www.nicenotebooks.com. It’s there mainly to share the designs (mainly cover designs – so, quite superficial in that sense) I like, and focuses mainly on notebooks available in the UK.

    Keep in touch!

  15. Hi,

    Nice website, very informative. I am hoping you can help me with my search. I saw someone take out a piece of paper from what looked like a spiral A4 notebook (didn’t catch the brand) and it had, with gray lines, a box around all margins which the horizontal lines connected to. At the top was a thin horizontal box so you could write in a heading. In the top right-hand corner, within the heading box, were three slashes (/) for the date.

    Do you have any idea what brand this might be? That is exactly the kind of notebook I am dying for!



  16. Nifty,
    I just watched “The Brothers Bloom” with Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Wiez. A well used and very interestingly filled Moleskine shows up several times in the movie. You might enjoy it.

  17. The Blog Site i have listed profiles pages from what I call my idea books (4″ x 6″ hard cover artists sketch books by Dessers). I use these idea books for planning educational programs and communty based art projects. Very seldom will you find and sketches or drawings in these books there are a few. In the past I used these idea books for planning photo projects and exhibitions. I have a larger (8.5″ x 11″) studio journal for these projects.

    I have been using these idea books for the past fifteen years, prior to this I used lined and unlined note pads. I still have a number of the old notes from photo and art projects that I worked with some twenty years.

    I never leave the house or office without my idea books. In fact I carry two with me, the one I am presently using and the last idea book I was working with because there is always overlap of ideas and projects from one idea book to the next.

  18. Hi Nifty,

    Great blog! It’s nice to find someone who gets as excited about notebooks as I do.

    My blog, librarynotebook, is mostly about books, but also occasionally about notebooks. I recently started going through all my old journals. Since I worked in stationery stores for about six years I have quite a selection:


    I also recently reviewed the new Moleskine Passions Booklover’s notebook:


    Thanks for your posts! I always enjoy them.


  19. Has anyone found a notebook that has lines on one side of the page, blank on the other? I’m becoming a little obsessed with this . . .

  20. Yes– the Dialogue notebook I reviewed here has paper like that.

  21. Wanted to know your take on disc binding notebooks? I used to purchase Circa Notebooks but found a new source, Rollabind Notebooks, high quality and less expensive.

  22. Hi Scott,
    I haven’t used any disc binding notebooks– I’m not crazy about the idea of them– I just don’t really like the look of the Levenger ones and prefer something with an enclosed spine. I guess it’s nice that the rings don’t have to be open and shut but that isn’t really a problem for me so I’d just use a regular looseleaf instead.

  23. Anyone know anything about “The Whiz” lined paper notebook? Possibly from the 1940’s.
    Has a line drawing of a train on a blue cover. Back has conversion charts. Found at a yard sale.

  24. Hi Nifty,

    Have you heard about our new line of business card and note organizers? Would be happy to send you our press release and some samples if you would like to review them and post on your site. Please let me know if this would be ok. Thanks. Matt

  25. Contact Keeper is the name of the line

  26. I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for new brands of notebooks (brands that are my fave are Mead, Moleskine, Scribe, Schutzen, and my latest “discovery” paperlinks)…and i must say I already love it! You have an avid reader here, from now on :)

  27. Hi all. I’m looking for a Montblanc Scenium Fineliner, Model No. 9973. Apparantly discontinued. Any advice as to reputable sources for replacement would be appreciated.

  28. Hi Nifty,

    Great Blog! Would you be interested in reviewing one of our new ‘reecovid’ eco woman notepads? Happy to send you one (there are six lovely designs to choose from).

    Just let me know which one and where to send it.



  29. Hi Nifty,

    Not sure if you saw my previous post and I didn’t see an email address for you. Please let me know if you would consider reviewing our brand new patented product called Contact Keeper.

    While not exactly a journal, Contact Keeper has a unique and easy way of helping users keep business cards and notes together. There are different sizes available to address a variety of individual needs.

    Contact Keeper is now available at http://www.ContactKeeper.com and stationery stores. I would be happy to send you samples and product materials for a full review. Thank you. Matt

  30. Hi Nifty,

    Love the site very much as a fellow notebook addict!

    I wonder if you and your readers can help me in a quest? I’m searching desperately for a notebook with blue paper (don’t always like white as I’m slightly astigmatic). Does anyone have any bright ideas of where I could find one in the UK?


  31. Hi Nifty,

    I see how much you love notebooks and wanted to know if you’re interested in adding more to your collection. Just contact me so I could send you some samples.


  32. […] der großen Blogs weltweit zum Thema Notizbücher. Betrieben und geschrieben wird der Blog von Nifty, den ich nun als Interviewpartner gewinnen konnte. Das letzte Interview liegt schon einige Zeit […]

  33. Hi Nifty!

    I followed a link from http://www.notizbuchblog.de and found your great site! I enjoy your posts and found a lot new things to discover! Great site and keep enjoying it!


    P.S. FYI: http://moleskineaday.wordpress.com/ (in your linklist) has been deleted

  34. Dear Nifty,

    I am a follower of your website and have read your blogs on notebook collection. We manufacture average to high end notebooks and would like to share some with you for your review/comment/eedback. Our website is currently under construction but you could check on our facebook for reference. Please let me know where I could send samples. Please check Schutzen on FAcebook.


  35. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/19/magazine/19Livescribe-t.html

    Hey, did you see this?

  36. Nifty! Great Blog! I had no idea that there were so many people in search of the perfect notebook! Thanks for doing all the research for us!

    Fortunately, my addiction is under control. With three kids I need to keep the money and need the space!

  37. Hey your website it brilliant!
    I was wondering if you’ve heard of Arwey diaries? there is even a facebook fan page. I went to Paris for an exchange and started using them, i feel in love with them. Could you please! help me to source them in AUSTRALIA.

    Cheers Heather

  38. Thanks for having such a wonderful website! I’m a closeted notebook addict (shhh), and I love reading your suggestions.

    How do you get the notebooks sent to you for review? I think that’s awesome.

  39. Hi Nifty
    Thanks for the review of ARWEY.
    Your comments and those of other notebook enthusiasts are always great to hear and do influence our product developments……Of which many are comming.
    My company OPN are the UK distributors or ARWEY (who not only make great notebooks but are also great people….we only sell products that we trust and like).
    This week we have launched ARWEY in to the UK so hopefully they will soon be in a shop near your UK followers.
    For the record in our office the favourite ARWEY notebook is Agnes.

  40. Hi Nifty,

    Do you know http://www.theconceptbook.com ?
    This is my company and we have created a concept of personalized notebook for B to B.
    I would be happy to send you one model, if you want.
    Thank you for your answer and for your amazing blog.

    See your later.

  41. I am a notebook/journal, addict/hoarder. :) In an effort to declutter my life, I’d like to donate some of the notebooks I have accumulated over the years but will never use. Do you know of any organization I can donate the unused notebooks/journals to? For instance, on the PenAddict.com website, there is al link for “Pens for Kids” (I’m also a writing instrutment addict/hoarder”. I’d love to know if something similar exists for notebooks/journals.

  42. Thanks for a great site with regular updates. Well done. Are you based in US or UK as cannot seem to find uk outlets for some products [like Leuchtturm]

  43. Thanks Colin! I’m in the US and most of my notebooks are from here, but I sometimes get samples of products that are only available in other areas.

  44. I just bumped into this Walt Whitman notebook. Have you seen it yet?


  45. I’m currently using About:Blank. a beautiful Japanese brand. If you’re not familiar with the brand you can find it here: http://www.itsaboutblank.com


  46. I stumbled upon your website a few months ago. And I have to say I’m addicted!!!! I look forward to your post and I so very happy to see that I’m not the only notebook junkie. Keep writing.

  47. I love this website. It feeds my addiction and makes me feel not so alone. Thank you.

  48. Dear Nifty,
    Love your Blog!
    Would you be interested in reviewing our project?
    Here some links and a small note about us.
    “HAT is born among friends. Seven friends, to be precise. Six designers and a Master of Graphic Arts. And we are talking about the real Graphic Arts, not the industry that gradually occupied that space. Together, we have this will to share a growing passion for design that is felt in Portugal for years.HAT is also a proof of love for the object. A love for the simple things done well which create harmony and wellbeing in our days. Stationary, La.ga bags from Krv Kurva and all that other things that our passion, and our public, will allow it to be.HAT is a Portuguese idea shared by ALVA, MAGA e M2.
    Some links:


    carlos guerreiro

  49. Has anyone used the Roma Black Pigskin Cover Sketchbook? seems like they are banking off the animal skin theme, what’s next catskin?.

  50. I like little note books a little too much; I thought I might have a problem until I found your page – My current favorite is the Rite in the Rain No. 954. All of their products are made in the USA.

  51. Hi Nifty! How odes one gets to be featured at your blog? I am a freelance writer and I collect notebooks as it is my primary tool for writing. I usually draft my story ideas before transferring it to my computer. I am very peculiar with the kind of notebooks I buy or write on. I don’t buy something ordinary…it should be something that will make me enjoy writing my thoughts on it. .

  52. I love your website.
    Enough said. :)

  53. Love your website! Maybe you can help me with something…I am going NUTS trying to find a journal/sketchbook combo that has lines on one side and is blank on the other side of the page. I’ve found a few, but none that can be bought online or in the US. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  54. hi, i found your website while typing Bratislava-notebook into google (oddly enough, Bratislava is mentioned only once in the entire website and it came only once via google, but anyway, i’m glad!)
    so i just want to tell you – i absolutelly love it! still searching for the perfect diary/journal/notebook (something leather, thick and just… you know, the right one:))
    and this is a perfect website for new ideas!

  55. Hi! I found these notebooks and thought of your site:


    A little too expensive for my budget but they are adorable! I might try to make something similar myself in the future. :)


  56. Great website! I’m the webmaster for the Day Runner website. We recently launched a new website, as a result the link you are using to point to our website is broken. The new URL for our note taking category page is:

  57. Hi! I really love your website. Sometimes i just come in to drool a bit. It’s a good think this is over the Internet because you’re notebooks would be a sloppy mess!!

    I want to send you a picture of some delicious notebooks i hunted down in Egypt back in 2000. I spent a few months in a little oasis town called Al-Fayoum and i spent most of my time searching all the little stationary and corner stores — there are a gazillion of them — for notebooks. I also hit a major stationary store near the center of Cairo on a subsequent trip, and although i got some good notebooks there too (the thickest ones in the photo) my favorites are the skinny ones. They remind me of some notebooks my father used in Paris back in the 50’s (well, i don’t remember them myself but i saw them many years late) when he was studying medicine there. Nice… Now how to i send you the picture…hmmmm.. Wait…okay..i put them on my own web page and here’s the link. Please excuse that web page though, ’cause i’m still working on it. Thanks!! I hope you’ll include my note book stories in any future competition. Oh..i think i fell in love with those Pantone books…Must get some.

  58. oops..sorry…here’s the link..


    and sorry for the typo in my prior post (good think should be good thing)..well, that’s what i get from typing while in bed!

  59. Hi, first of all congratulations for your page.

    Maybe you can check out our page, too:


    We produce unique notebooks and we have a very nice online notebook configurator. The site is at the moment in German but we will have an english Version very soon.

    Contact us and we can sent you some samples to check our quality.

  60. http://my.carbonmade.com/projects/3188959 just my sketchbook if u wanted smthing for moleskine monday, great site

  61. Thank god someone has taken the time to pull a site like this together. We are launching a new UK based luxury notebook and leather accessories brand here:
    leather notebooks so experts please let us know your thoughts on our designs

  62. Sorry to save you time I really meant this page –
    leather notebooks its just been featured in Vogue.

  63. Love your site! So glad I stumbled upon it.

    Wondering if anyone knows where to buy Rhodia products in Toronto and the GTA?

    I got a few when I was in Europe a few years ago…didn’t know they’d be so hard to find here :/


  64. Hi,
    I’ m making handmade notebooks, maybe you want to take a look at my blog



  65. Hi,
    How you doing?

    I read something a while ago about a ‘notebook’ which opened out sort of Japanese fashion – but into an A3 size – I think they were made and distributed in Singapore.
    Any ideas?

    Yours inkily,


  66. Now that Borders is defunct, I’m wondering about a notebook they used to have for Back to School, a hardcover, cloth/rustic cover, that came in blank and lined pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 192 pages, and different colors, black, blue, red. I think it retailed at $7. I’ve seen them in similar European chain-bookstore. It doesn;t have a brand name, just a sticker in the cover that says “Journal” with a big capital “J”. Any clues?

  67. Hi. Thought you might enjoy seeing the hand-drawn custom Moleskine notebooks I have listed on Etsy– they celebrate San Francisco!


    Thanks for all the great notebook pictures!

  68. Hi,

    great website here.

    Just wondered, what is your favourite notebook of all time?


  69. Hi,

    Can you point me towards the ASDA website. I would like to lookup their notebooks. Thanks.

  70. Hi, it wasn’t until I started selling notebooks that I realised how many other people loved their notebooks as much as I do.
    I left you a DOFOLLOW backlink on my website. This isnt a spam message, I actually did leave you a backlink on my site. If you check the top of the page you will see “Links” and there will be a link to this site. Would you be kind enough to leave me a backlink? If so my website is http://www.blossomcorner.com If you want me to change your links anchor text let me know. Thanks

  71. hi, Nifty-about a year and a half or two yrs ago i sent you a couple of notebooks approximating a type of covered-spiral type notebook produced probably by mead sold in late sixties-early seventies in the hope that sooner or later you’d come across one, perhaps from another subscriber and then let me know. so far, no success so i’m wondering if either you or one of your many subscribers can recommend reliable manufacturer who might accept a custom order to make these for me? Thanks! Gil

  72. Hello–Can you possibly help me? I need a notebook for a Christmas/December special journal I am doing. So it does not need to be too large. However, I need to be able to paint and collage in it.

    I could make my own out of bristol vellum by getting it bound at Kinkos, but if you have any suggestions for something I could find by e-mail, that would be great.

    Great blog! We notebook addicts must stick together.

    Thanks! Sandra

  73. Hi there,
    I’m looking for a little advice. I want to do a fun little journal project with my sister who lives 10 hours away. I’m thinking something like ‘Wreck this Journal’, but have been searching online for something that is uniquely designed for exchanging between two people with fun prompts for writing/silliness. Any suggestions? thank you!!


  74. Tour site is fascinating. I’ve just returned to real drawing and painting on paper instead of years and years of digital scratching. My sister was a precocious artist in late 50s early 60s. I have many of her sketchbooks- quite amazing. I am stumped what to do with them so more people can enjoy them. I scanned one of them and thought I’d make a Flash presentation, click click through the pages, but now Flash seems about to become another obsolete format. Any thoughts?

  75. Hi Nifty

    Great site – lot of work – but its worth !

    Here are some ideas to build your own individual Diary with Weekly & Daily printable eBook PDF Calendars.

    Print It – Punch It – Get Organized


    from Europe Boris

  76. Hey Nifty!

    I hope you can check out my blog and these posts about my Moleskines:

    and my Strathmore pocket sketchbooks:

    your site is AWESOME!!!!!

    Tom, NYC

  77. Hi

    I don’t have a blog or a site or anything – even if I started one I’d never keep it going because I spend so much time on yours.

    There’s a current UK TV ad for Orange pay-as-you-go mobile phones which features – in a non-speaking part – an orange notebook. Given the company’s name I wondered if the notebook might be a Rhodia A6 webbie, but while typing this I have been unable to find a link to it on YouTube or indeed anywhere else. Maddening. If a quasi-Luddite like me can understand the power of the net, why can’t some of these companies? I’ll submit the link as soon as I have it.

    Your site is great. I have bought quite a few notebooks because of it and although I love them all – Moleskine, Rhodia, Alwych – I have to say that the Guildhall is perfect. The cover is a perfect balance between the (too) hard and (too) soft Moleskines.

  78. I’m upset that I haven’t found your website sooner. I am obsessed with notebooks and have literally scoured the earth looking for The Perfect One. Haven’t found it yet, but I’m sure your website will help me find it!

  79. Hi

    Here is the link mentioned in my previous post on this page. Shame it took Orange so long.


    I think it MUST be a Rhodia A6 webbie.

  80. Hi Nifty,

    I’m desperate. Pilot Varsity pens are my main weapons. I’ve scribbled through many many moleskines and other notebooks since the millennium. However, the moleskine bleed through is slowly driving me crazy. I’ll give up my moleskine but not my Pilot Varsity fountain pens. What notebooks won’t bleed through with Pilot Varsity fountain pens?

    Desperate in Massachusetts

  81. […] only recently that I started to indulge in pretty notebooks since Kristin of Journaling Saves and Nifty of Notebook Stories say that having a stationery fetish is normal. And I discovered my love for […]

  82. Oh wow! And here I thought I am the only one with an “addiction”. I love your blog. My weakness is buying notebooks, only to feel they are too nice to write on. But lately I have been wanting to scribble all over some of them for ideas.

    Great blog, will revisit this again :)

  83. This is a very good resource for all the scribblers and doodlers :)

    Recently I designed a sketchbook for children, something they can jot their ideas in, kids are so creative, especially the preschoolers :)

    My son loves to carry it wherever he goes, and he is only about 6!! Do stop by and have a look!! http://www.littlesketchers.com


  84. Absolutely splendid blog! :0)
    (….wipes away drool….)

    Small query from the UK:

    I’m looking for A4 narrow-lined (minimum 40), ±200 page bound notebooks. Slightly frustrating that none of the manufacturers state rule count (av. being 33).

    Any suggestions gratefully received!


  85. Hi,

    Have been searching high and low for diary paper refill.
    Anyone knows where to get 8-holed diary paper refills 8.7 x 14.1 cm or 3.43 x 5.55 inches?

  86. Love your sight, just wondering if you know of any notebooks that are bound and have brown craft paper i
    in them? Thanks

  87. Hi there

    Just to say I’ve been following your website ages now and totally love it!
    I’ve just put through an order for one of these http://monsieurnotebook.bigcartel.com/

    I’ve been looking to engrave a notebook for ages but its not an easy thing to find, especially over here in the UK!


  88. Hello there,
    I’m addicted to little black notebooks and also an independent product designer. I had one problem that kept on bugging me.
    I used to always lose or misplace my pen. Very frustrating when you have a great idea that needs to be written down or sketched immediately.
    So if you’re like me and you keep losing your pen or pencil while on the road, the solution is here: http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=8465&start=0&
    It clips on to the backside of your notebook and holds standard sized pens 8 to 10 mm in diameter.
    Try it once, I’m sure you’ll keep using it.


  89. Came across this tonight. Unbelievable sketching in notebook. Thought you might want to take a look and share with readers. http://uzoranet.livejournal.com/756267.html

  90. Picture of an old, interesting notebook:


  91. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one with this addiction! Your collection of notebooks is making my brain explode. My problem is that I don’t even write in them. I have my eye on a replica of River Song’s TARDIS notebook from Doctor Who on Etsy. It’s like $45 but so worth it. Anyway, sorry about my ramblings. I just love notebooks so much.

  92. Hello! I love a good notebook, and recently posted an item on my blog about how I use a Moleskine planner to plan posts for my blog. You can see it here: http://fennellbooks.squarespace.com/journal/2012/6/4/blogging-inspiration-capturing-the-passion.html

    There is something so soothing about writing things down by hand isn’t there?

  93. I actually have the same question as ccorroda about the notebooks that Borders used to sell. ccorroda described them as: “hardcover, cloth/rustic cover, that came in blank and lined pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 192 pages, and different colors, black, blue, red. I think it retailed at $7. I’ve seen them in similar European chain-bookstore. It doesn;t have a brand name, just a sticker in the cover that says “Journal” with a big capital “J”.” What is this journal and where can I find it?

  94. I also am a notebook connoisseur, and I’ve just recently just launched a KICKSTARTER campaign for a new notebook what I hope will be a unique addition to the market.

    If you’re interested please check it out here…


    The simple twist on my NOTEBLOX is the addition of 12 magnets that are buried into the front and back binding. in addition to holding onto a steel pencil, pen or stylus, they also attach to each other, creating a unique organization and convenience system.

    there is a press release here…

    thanks for checking it out. i would love to hear any feedback on the idea, positive or negative…


  95. You seem not aware of Monsieur Notebooks – http://www.monsieurnotebook.com. At least you do not mention them on this website. Leatherbound by hand, in India, and not all that expensive! They are among my favorites now. Here’s a video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5QQV_c-cqM&feature=related – I must say, the notebboks from Monsieur I have tried have had no bleed-thorugh from my fountain pen.

  96. […] In den kommenden zwölf Monaten wird mein Alltag um einen schönen Moment reicher sein. Das verdanke ich Nifty, in dessen (oder deren?) Notebook Stories – eine für mich immer wertvolle Quelle, die zu meinem festen täglichen Blogrundgang gehört – ich einmal mehr einen äußerst interessanten Hinweis gefunden habe. Die berühmte Journalistin und Autorin Teresa Carpenter hat in langen Recherchen das faszinierende Buch “New York Diaries” zusammengestellt. Hier eine genaue Darstellung, wobei hervorzuheben ist, dass das Buch nur Abschriften und keine Abbildungen enthält und Beiträge in nicht englischer Sprache übersetzt wurden und nicht im Originaltext wiedergegeben werden. Natürlich ließe sich das Buch von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite durchlesen, aber ich fände es zu schade. Ich möchte die Stimmung des jeweiligen Tages erspüren können und werde also jeden Tag nur den Eintrag oder die Einträge lesen, die sich auf das jeweilige Datum beziehen. Ich habe am 23. Juli damit begonnen und genieße diese wenigen Minuten des Tages sehr. Es ist eine Art Enklave in der Zeit, in der ich mich dem Hier und Jetzt völlig entziehe und so auf fast vergessene Weise zur Ruhe komme. Danke hierfür an Teresa Carpenter – und natürlich an Nifty. […]

  97. I have reviewed the Monsieur notebook: http://www.notebookstories.com/2012/05/16/review-and-giveaway-monsieur-notebook/

  98. Hi Nifty,
    I love your site. I’m a writer who has been an avid notebook-keeper for four decades. How wonderful to find like-minded (obsessed!) notebook-lovers–and to see an even wider variety of notebooks out there than I suspected.

    I’m culling excerpts from my old notebooks and posting them on my website. The idea is to juxtapose entries from the same (current) month–but from different years… so, bits of August, in random order–1982, 1989, 2003, 1971… Hope it’s of interest.


  99. hi, Nifty, I’m the girl with the sketchbook shelf, you kindly posted my flickr shot of it a few weeks ago =) to tell you the truth, that shelf has been a bit of an effort to use because every time (which is almost every day) i took a book or two out, the whole thing would start collapsing! well, it’s changed over the weekend – i got bookends! =) they’re totally awesome (vintage!) and do the job of keeping my sketchbooks upright wonderfully; i thought I’d share the update:
    plus, since it has been a few weeks, there are a few new books there, with a brand new monsieur among them! =)

  100. Yay, I get to write comment 100! I just love notebooks too. I am also a technology lover and can’t wait to see the two meet in the not too distant future. Any thoughts on what that should / could be like?

  101. Hi there Nifty,

    I was wondering if you could help me identify a certain journal. I was lucky enough to buy it at Borders when it was still in business. It’s a red journal that has a hard fiber cover that had pages that were lined on one side and blank on the other. If you know what company makes this journal I would be very appreciative of your input.

  102. Thank you for every other fantastic post. The place else may anybody get that type of information in such a perfect means of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m at the search for such information.

  103. Hi! Just wanted to say I recently found your blog, and I absolutely love it. I’ve been a notebook addict probably since birth, and this has quickly become one of my favorite websites! I love the Addict of the Week feature!

    I wanted to let you know about some nice little notebooks I found at Office Depot. They’re obvious Moleskine knock-offs, but they’re extremely cheap and I absolutely love them! They’re distributed by a company by the name of Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd, located in Boca Raton, FL. They’re $3.99 with 192 lined pages, and the paper is very smooth and is a nice creamy color. They hold up well, too!

    Anyway, not sure if you care or not, but thought I’d share :) Keep up the great work!!

  104. beautiful notebooks here… slightly premium priced.. but worth it…

  105. So – a third call for these: anyone ever find those hard, clothbound blank journals they used to sell at Borders for about $7?

    No branding, no silly flowers or designs. Just good, simple, durable lined notebook at a reasonable price.


  106. wow keep up the great work!

  107. Hey Nifty, love your website-so glad to find someone who thinks having more blank notebooks then filled ones is normal, not crazy(that’s what my family says)!!
    I saw you have a category for o-check!!! You might want to try checking Artbox. It’s also a Korean brand, extremly huge company, that manufactures funky notebooks and,,,other things. If o-check is minimalist, simple, Artbox is more close to cute and creatvie.
    Again, hundread thousand cheers to your website-now I’m dying to try out those “blissful, avocado-like” papers of Rhodia :)

  108. Hi Nicole,
    A few Artbox notebooks are shown in this post, a friend in Korea brought them to me!

  109. Hi Nifty, i really love your website where it features the different stories of notebooks. it reminds me that these notebooks are not only meant for writing one’s thought’s and ideas but it also reflects the artistic side of the writer.

  110. Hi, I was wondering if you know of any places selling clear plastic covers for Moleskine Cahier or Volant pocket-sized notebooks? I have a passport cover that will just fit the width, but the height is about 10mm taller than a passport, so the ends stick out.

    I have seen places selling artsy covers for Cahiers, but I am looking for a clear one.

    Nice site, btw!

  111. I found your site while looking for a place that sells the Borders blank journals that were like $8.00 for 8×11 and like 300 or so pages. I bought a bunch when they went out of business but now people are looking at my cashe of journals and licking their lips. I want to find some place that still sells them or the manufacturer or someone who has lost their mind and are willing to sell them to me. I know, not asking for much. I will be bookmarking you, I love the shop list.

  112. Hey Nifty,

    Love your website. Thanks to u my notebooks are more organized now!
    Just wondering, are moleskine hardcovers have “cover overhangs” now? Because all the moleskines i found seems to have that annoying little problem :(

  113. What an awesome blog! I’m a notebook addict, too — mostly Moleskine — and love looking at pictures of them, so I’ll be checking up on this blog frequently!

  114. Hi Nifty,
    Love your blog and follow you on Twitter already!
    After a lifetime being passionate about stationery and all things designer. We recently launched a small independent Stationery Boutique on-Line. We are still growing and would love it if you would be kind enough to add a link to our site. We stock brands from Moleskine ( Artist), Leuchtturm1917, BomoArt, Arwey to lifestyle brands such as Orla Kiely, Emma Bridgewater and Caroline Gardner.
    Let us know what you think!
    Many Thanks

  115. Hi Nifty,
    Sorry I didn’t include the URL for my comment above.
    Thanks again

  116. Hi from Seattle and Good Nature Publishing.

    We’ve created some cool new green dream catchers with a little dot pattern on the FSC paper and a neenah cover stock.

    The notebooks are designed with art by Peter Nevins on the cover, and focus on a verb that gives us pleasure.

    The first four in the series are “read.” write.”, “bike.” and “dig.”

    More coming soon.

    Thanks for sending info on where to send you samples for review.


    Timothy Colman, publisher and pocket notebook sherpa

  117. Hello from San Francisco.

    I am from Japan, live in the U.S now, and notebook maniac since I was a little girl.

    I am just starting my small on-line shop of my favorite stationeries, which are nuuna notebooks from Germany, OE Note from Santa Fe, NM, Tattersall from Connecticut, Le Typographe from Belgium, Pellletier & Co. from Belgium and Arpa from Spain.

    I adore the paper quality of nuuna notebook – paper is just like butter. Pen slides across the surface so smoothly.

    I hope you can visit my website, and love to hear from you.


    Thank you,


  118. There was a good piece on NPR’s Fresh Air re: David Sedaris. Among other things, he talks about keeping a journal or diary fairly extensively.

    Love the blog. Check it often…..S

  119. viz.,


  120. Am I too late?!
    So glad there’s a kindred spirit here. :-)
    I also looove notebooks. Thought I was weird. I’d like to think I have a lot of ideas to fill them with, but it’s starting to look like I have more notebooks than I have ideas. Haha!
    What I’m using now is a Piccadilly wire notebook. And there are quite a few in line. I love writing on good, heavy paper. It makes every word purposeful.

  121. Hi Nifty,

    Your blog is, perhaps the greatest blog on the web!

    If you or your readers are interested in exploring some insanely specific (and wonderful) notebooks and journals, drop by http://productiveluddite.com/the-golden-age-of-notebooks.html

    Keep up the wonderful blog!

  122. Excellent site!

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out Life notebooks. Specifically the Noble Note model. They are made in Japan and the paper is excellent. Great with pencil, marker, fountain pen… you name it. It does bleed with some markers.

    I get them at my favorite shop here in Philly. OMOI

    hope you try and like.

  123. Fantastic Site!

    Please check out our Etsy store for Laser Engraved, Hand Made Leather Covers for notebooks


    See some of our recent work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kustomkalligraphy/



  124. フルラ + o

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  126. Looking for an old steno notebook with Gregg shorthand symbols on it–do you have something like this? Thanks?

  127. I’m watching “The Unexplained Files” on the Science Channel right now and there is a segment about a mysterious book in the UK. It caught my attention, so I thought you may enjoy it too.


  128. Dear friends,

    I’m writing to ask you about some free notebooks for poor students and illiterate women whom Ibn Hayan Association for Culture&Development association in Taounate City,Morocco,strives to teach and encourage.

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  129. Hi Can you please tell me from where to buy a diary 2014 smaller than A4 e.g. A5 or smaller with one page lines (week plan) and one page blank? I come from Malta so preferably I buy it online. Thank you. Last year I bought a Radley one but can’t find one this year.

  130. Hi! I like to write on note book. Mostly I like to write on online free note book. It is enjoyable and nice to write on online note book. I can write what ever the story that I like. I some times I write important points that i want to remember. i use http://freenotebook.net/

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  132. hi I’m Hogyun, I have a youtube channel – pelahale and now I have a new blog:


    I’m a notebook addict also & I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for the past 2yrs. If you could consider putting my link on your blogroll list, that would be appreciated. If you have no time or room to do it, I would understand however, and would continue to enjoy your blog. Take care, and I hope to see more posts from you on your site soon.

  133. Hi,

    I am trying to find the maker of a sketchbook that had a blue (or gray – they made both) with a black binding. They came in standard sizes but the size I’m looking for is 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. I bought them from New York Central Art Supply in NYC and they no longer carry them nor could they tell me who made them. Any ideas?

    Mike Donovan

  134. Scripta Notes: Lined on one side of the pages, blank on the other:


  135. Back in October 2010, I was profiled as a Notebook Addict of the week. At that time I had about 40 of what I call by Idea Books. I have been quite busy lately and I have filled more than 60 Idea books and a few Studio Journals. you can see them all in the link below.


  136. Im addicted to notebooks too love getting new ones I lie the pocket sized ones from office depot work really well. I have a huge collection of composition notebooks I get during back to school for .50

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  138. So wonderful to read about other people who are as neck deep into notebooks and journals as I am.

  139. I’ve always got one of these with me. They are the most durable and reliable notebook covers I’ve ever owned. Real leather, just like the cops use. Amazon occasionally carries them, but they sell out within a week. They’re also available without the “news” word embossed on the cover.

  140. Hi Nifty, I came across your blog after looking for stationery suppliers. We’ve just published a couple of personal journals that encourage both adults and kids to put pen to paper and ‘share’ their thoughts and feelings with only themselves. It challenges you to be honest with yourself using thought provoking questions or it could be complete fiction, it’s entirely up to you. I would love to send you more information, I think it’s right up your street. Let me know if you’re happy for me to do that.
    Thanks, Sharon

  141. Another call for those Borders sketchbooks. I went through like one a month in college and have yet to find anything that comes closer to their durability. does anyone even have a photo of the front sticker or the brand out anything? I always peeled it off.

    This shows up in Google on a search but I’m not getting a whole lot of leads. :(

  142. hello friend.
    I am Amy from ShangHai Tango,we are professional in producing notebooks with many years.
    we want to make business with person like you. :)

  143. Hi Nifty

    I stumbled upon your website recently when I was googling notebooks and journals. I am 56 years old, retired in July 2013 after having worked for 34 years. Life was so busy. I was very good at my job but didn’t have time for anything else. Everything was done using the computer and I lost touch with using paper and pencil. But taking life slowly now, and journaling since April 2014, I am thoroughly enjoying the updates you post on Notebook Stories and opening up the notebooks and journals world to me. Thanks for everything.


  144. […] In den kommenden zwölf Monaten wird mein Alltag um einen schönen Moment reicher sein. Das verdanke ich Nifty, in dessen (oder deren?) Notebook Stories – eine für mich immer wertvolle Quelle, die zu meinem festen täglichen Blogrundgang gehört – ich einmal mehr einen äußerst interessanten Hinweis gefunden habe. Die berühmte Journalistin und Autorin Teresa Carpenter hat in langen Recherchen das faszinierende Buch “New York Diaries” zusammengestellt. Hier eine genaue Darstellung, wobei hervorzuheben ist, dass das Buch nur Abschriften und keine Abbildungen enthält und Beiträge in nicht englischer Sprache übersetzt wurden und nicht im Originaltext wiedergegeben werden. Natürlich ließe sich das Buch von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite durchlesen, aber ich fände es zu schade. Ich möchte die Stimmung des jeweiligen Tages erspüren können und werde also jeden Tag nur den Eintrag oder die Einträge lesen, die sich auf das jeweilige Datum beziehen. Ich habe am 23. Juli damit begonnen und genieße diese wenigen Minuten des Tages sehr. Es ist eine Art Enklave in der Zeit, in der ich mich dem Hier und Jetzt völlig entziehe und so auf fast vergessene Weise zur Ruhe komme. Danke hierfür an Teresa Carpenter – und natürlich an Nifty. […]

  145. Aloha,
    We have a product on Kickstarter we are trying to get on blogs. Do you have space for that or can tell us where to go? The product is Penbeddable a flat pen that snaps out of the cover of a Journal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1673253273/penbeddable-an-embedded-flat-pen-there-when-you-ne


  146. Hello Nifty!
    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Letternote notebooks.
    I like collecting Journals/Notebooks too.

  147. Hi Nifty,
    It’s amazing to see such a place for notebook lovers, I’ve designed a new notebook. It is quite unique, it has the according book style, and two supporting stands. There are so many potential applications for it. Boundless brain storm, draw curves for goal tracking. Now it is a live kickstarter campaign. Check it out here if you are interested. Geek on!

  148. Hello Nifty,

    Great Website.

    Be sure to check out the Tellurian Diaries and Notebooks.
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  149. hey i have a question i dont want to publicly ask,however could u contwct me at jordanrobertsnovels@gmail.com

  150. Have you come across small notebooks that have the following written on the back? I’ve been trying to find out about them. A couple of them are in my new junk drawer, and they are really great. I want to order more, see if they come in larger sizes, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere. Here’s the info:


    They have paper covers that are folded over the glue binding, so you can easily remove the top piece of paper from the pad. The last page of the notebook is glued to the paper cover.

    The paper is amazing. It is sort-of striped, but the stripes are very thin gray parallel lines. The backside of each page is blank. My Kaweco Sport EF doesn’t show through at all unless I tear the page out and hold it up. There is no show through at all when there is something underneath the page.

  151. Please I need the direct contact of conceptum. Notebook in Germany I intend to buy in large quantity

  152. Hi there!

    Just thought I’d share a new notebook option with the community on your blog: we make hardcover, hand-sewn notebooks in Waterloo, Ontario. Always welcoming new notebook ideas/feedback/custom book orders! Feel free to reach out with any questions!


  153. Thanks for sharing. For lined notebooks we are loving the unique fresh designs from http://linednotebooks.co.uk – what do you think?

  154. Hello, we wanted to present or new brand HALMA.
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  155. Saw this on FB today and thought you might like it:


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