Notebook Stories on Facebook

I’m now on Facebook, with an official Notebook Stories page. I hope this will be a fun place for readers to discuss their favorite notebooks and share photos, or you can just use it to keep track of Notebook Stories via your Facebook newsfeed. I’m having a little trouble getting it to pick up my […]

Happy Holidays!

Seasons greetings, everyone! Notebook Stories is taking a bit of a holiday hiatus and posting will be light until 2010. But in the meantime I can report that although I did not get any new notebooks for Christmas, I gave a few to other people and they all seemed to like my choices. Also, while […]

Announcing the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

It’s time for something new! Introducing the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper, which will kick off here at Notebook Stories on Tuesday, August 4th. Future editions will be hosted by The Pen Addict on September 8th , Office Supply Geek on October 6th, and other blogs yet to be determined. If you are a […]

Welcome, Unclutterer Readers!

Welcome to everyone who came here looking for “notebook p 0 r n!” I promise you will find it! This site lovingly and obsessively drools over new and old notebooks of all brands, my notebooks, other people’s notebooks, with reviews, photos, ideas, tips, musings and questions, all about notebooks! You can subscribe to my feed […]

Best Pens for Moleskines

There’s lots of discussion amongst Moleskine fans about which pens are best for use on Moleskine paper. Here’s the most exhaustive list of pen reviews I’ve found, at a blog called Sandscribbler. The author’s favorites: Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38 The best Moleskine pen that I’ve found so far. Pilot G-2 05 and the Uni-ball Signo […]

Notebook Stories

Every notebook has a story… if that’s the case, I must have thousands of stories. I’ll share some of them here.