Reader Week Notebook Addict of the Week: Nathan

This week’s addict sent me a link to his blog post “Serious Notebook Addict,” where he displays these and other photos: Yep, Nathan’s got a problem! Here’s what’s in his current collection: 3 Large Moleskine Cahiers (although these are being sold in a couple of days) 7 Composition Notebooks 3 Medium Moleskine Black Cahiers 1 […]

Notebooks in Istanbul

Not long ago, I traveled to Istanbul for a vacation. I was of course excited to see what kinds of notebooks I might find there! The only Turkish brand of notebooks I’d ever heard of was Arwey, but oddly enough, I didn’t spot a single Arwey notebook on my trip. I did see some other […]

Review & Massive Giveaway: Arwey Notebooks

Arwey is an interesting brand of notebooks you don’t see too often. The company is based in Turkey, but even on my trip to Istanbul, I only saw their notebooks sold in one store. I first discovered them at A.I. Friedman in New York, but they don’t seem to be carried there anymore. However, the […]