Palimpsest’s Stationery Store Series

The blogger at Palimpsest does us all a great service with a fantastic series of posts about favorite stationery shops around the world, mostly in Europe. Each is well-documented with photos: Evripidis in Athens, Greece: Pen to Paper in Brighton, UK: I love visiting stationery shops when I travel. Even though the major brands like […]

Well-Used Brunnen Kompagnon Notebook

I bookmarked a post from Bleistift several months ago because I just loved these images of a Brunnen Kompagnon notebook:   Read more about the author’s usage of the notebook and search to replace it at Brunnen Kompagnon – out with the old… » Bleistift.

Kompagnon Notebook with Pen Loop

For those who like pen loops, here’s a nice-looking German notebook sold by a British online retailer. If I’m not mistaken, this is the same brand as one of the notebooks I bought in Istanbul (see yesterday’s post), which I really liked other than finding the paper a little less smooth than I usually prefer. […]

Notebooks Bought in Istanbul

I previously posted some snapshots of notebook sightings during my travels around Istanbul, but now let’s get into the details of the 5 notebooks I actually purchased there. Below is the first notebook I purchased, the Elastic Notebook/ Bloknot by Le Color. From doing a little online searching, this seems to be a Turkish brand, […]

Notebooks in Istanbul

Not long ago, I traveled to Istanbul for a vacation. I was of course excited to see what kinds of notebooks I might find there! The only Turkish brand of notebooks I’d ever heard of was Arwey, but oddly enough, I didn’t spot a single Arwey notebook on my trip. I did see some other […]