Show Lifehacker Your Paper Notebook

Lifehacker recently asked readers to do some show and tell with their notebooks: “Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the flexibility that paper notebooks offer. Maybe that’s just how you keep notes or maybe your paper notebook is a holding place on the way to digital storage. Either way, we’d like to see your favorite […]

Questions from Readers

These are some stumpers! Please chime in if you can help these readers! From Jeffrey: I’m looking for a specific kind of notebook that I can’t figure out if it exists or not… looking for a soft cover with elastic closure (like the soft moleskines).  Also want it to be perforated on every page (like […]

New Homes

… for me and my notebooks! I’ve been posting a little less frequently lately because I’ve been very busy preparing for a move to a new home. My notebooks, of course, are all coming with me, and I’ve been trying to organize them better in the process. For years, I’ve stored them all in shoeboxes, […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Alex

This week’s addict blogs at Economy Pens, and of course he has to test all those pens on lots of notebooks: The picture above consists of the contents of one of my desk drawers and is probably about 90% of what I have for notebooks. Not shown are my legal pads (mostly Doane or Staples […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Snarky’s Machine

This week’s addict blogs about office supplies at Does This Pen Write?, and based on the photos below, she’s been testing her pens in quite a few notebooks, especially Rhodias. She’s also fond of basic black sketchbooks, Clairefontaine, Ecosystem and others. You can read more about her various notebooks in these posts on her blog.

Review: Ecosystem Notebook

A while back, I wrote a post mentioning Ecosystem notebooks. Someone at Ecosystem actually noticed, and even though I more or less trashed their whole brand identity, they were kind enough to send me a sample so I could actually review the quality of the product. (Now that’s good marketing.) So, let’s take a look… […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Laura

Here’s another reader who sent in a photo of all the journals she’s completed– she’s currently working on journal #36. I think I see hardcover and softcover Moleskines, and maybe an Ecosystem journal? Thanks to Laura for sharing her addiction, and sorry it took me a while to post it! If you are a notebook […]

Forthcoming Notebook Reviews

I have quite a to-do list going with various new notebooks to review, not to mention old ones from my collection. Here’s a few of my recent purchases and samples I’ve received that you’ll get a look at in the next couple of months: Simple Diary Rhodia Notepad Kolo Essex Travel Book Tops Designer Notebook […]

Sometimes I Can Resist: Ecosystem Notebooks at B&N

I went to Barnes & Noble today and finally got a close up look at their Ecosystem notebooks. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to resist buying one, but the longer I looked at them, the more I felt a bit underwhelmed. First of all, the Union Square store didn’t have a very […]