Review: Pelle Journal

I was contacted by the maker of the Pelle Journal a few months back and was very excited to have the opportunity to review one. It was compared to the Midori Passport Size Travelers Journal, but it’s handmade in California. Let’s take a look at what this journal has to offer. First of all, you’ll […]

Notebooks All Around: A Look at (Some of) My Collection

Today I thought I’d just share some photos of various parts of my notebook collection and where they are scattered around my apartment: Below is a corner of my office where I was going through boxes of notebooks and had stashed some used ones that needed to be put away. There are a few months […]

Whitebook Notebooks

Here’s interesting new notebook brand I came across via Whitebook It’s another version of the modular style with interchangeable inserts, similar to Kolo or X17 or Midori, but with its own twist and some different features, such as a pen loop and elastics that will hold sheets inside the back cover. The cover is […]

Review: Kolo Essex Travel Book

The Kolo Essex Travel Book is an interesting hybrid of a Moleskine-type notebook and a Filofax. From the outside, it looks a lot like a Moleskine, but with some important differences. The binding is cloth, with a window in which you can insert your own image. An elastic band holds it shut. On the back, […]

Forthcoming Notebook Reviews

I have quite a to-do list going with various new notebooks to review, not to mention old ones from my collection. Here’s a few of my recent purchases and samples I’ve received that you’ll get a look at in the next couple of months: Simple Diary Rhodia Notepad Kolo Essex Travel Book Tops Designer Notebook […]

Moleskine Monday: More Thoughts on New Products

I’ve been mulling over the news and reactions to Moleskine’s latest product announcements. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at their product development meetings, as I think some of their decisions are a bit … odd. I started to feel this way several months ago, when the Color-a-Month Planner and […]