Show Lifehacker Your Paper Notebook

Lifehacker recently asked readers to do some show and tell with their notebooks: “Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the flexibility that paper notebooks offer. Maybe that’s just how you keep notes or maybe your paper notebook is a holding place on the way to digital storage. Either way, we’d like to see your favorite […]

Notebook Addict of the Year: Anene

Here we have another super-addict whose love for notebooks extends to loving to shower them upon others! Anene is the author of a novel, Dancing with Gravity, and the blog Anene Writes. She offered to send me “a couple” of notebooks and look what showed up!    It’s an amazing variety, from a simple Mead […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: ALB Creativity

This week’s addict is not just into her own notebooks… She’s also addicted to the journals of others, from Thomas Merton to Frida Kahlo to Kurt Cobain. But as for her own notebooks, here’s what she has to say: What does one write in? There are so many possibilities. I use two sizes of Moleskines […]