Midori Spiral Ring Notebooks

Midori’s Traveler’s Notebooks are so widely popular, they seem to be almost the only Midori products you ever hear about. But they also make this lovely line of spiral notebooks named after animals (and an insect). From the descriptions at the Miscellaneous online store: Midori Spiral Ring Notebook is a series of notebooks with a […]

DIY Hybrid Notebook

Here’s a cool notebook hacking project. Inspired by the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, Kate Smith decided to make something similar. She took a Ryman hardcover notebook and swapped the inside pages out for some elastic bands to hold inserts, either Midori ones or Moleskine Cahiers. Should work with Field Notes and many others too. I really […]

Make Your Own Leather Notebook Cover

I’ve gotten questions from readers before about alternatives to some of the pricy leather notebook covers out there. I haven’t spotted that many cheap ones for sale, until recently discovering Davis Leatherworks, which seems to have some nice-looking and inexpensive covers. But if you enjoy creativity and you’re willing to put in a little effort, […]

Review: Pelle Journal

I was contacted by the maker of the Pelle Journal a few months back and was very excited to have the opportunity to review one. It was compared to the Midori Passport Size Travelers Journal, but it’s handmade in California. Let’s take a look at what this journal has to offer. First of all, you’ll […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Futurebird

This week’s addict got my attention through a post on the Notebook Stories Facebook page, where she linked to the first in a series of posts about her notebook collection: The series continues in these other notebook posts: Notebook Collection Part Two, Notebook Collection Part Three, and  Phases in the Life of a Notebook. The […]

Whitebook Notebooks

Here’s interesting new notebook brand I came across via notizbuchblog.de: Whitebook It’s another version of the modular style with interchangeable inserts, similar to Kolo or X17 or Midori, but with its own twist and some different features, such as a pen loop and elastics that will hold sheets inside the back cover. The cover is […]

Notebook in Arnold Sandwich Thins Ad

I always like coming across random images of notebooks in advertisements. This one is rather intriguing: Here’s a close-up: I can’t help wondering where they got that notebook! Or perhaps they made it? It sort of looks like a Midori Traveler’s Notebook, with the raw-edged leather cover and 3 smaller booklets within. But the booklets […]

Midori Travelers Notebook 5th Anniversary Limited Edition

One of these days I’m going to buy one of the Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. I personally prefer the size of the smaller “Passport” version– and I don’t keep my passport in any sort of case, so there’s a good excuse! But meanwhile, this still had me salivating a bit: The Journal Shop is featuring a […]