Notebook Addict of the Week: Ian

This week’s addict has a lovely and emphatically titled website: Pens! Paper! Pencils! All 3 are suitably celebrated there, including these notebooks: This beautiful collection includes Moleskine, Rhodia, Muji, Calepino, Field Notes, and Monsieur Notebook. I really love those nicely worn-in leather covers, from Davis Leatherworks. (where they are only $17!) Read more at Notebooks.

Review and Giveaway: Monsieur Notebook

I received a sample of the Monsieur Notebook quite a long time ago, and in some ways it’s a good thing I hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it until now, as the company is growing fast and has had some interesting recent developments. Monsieur has been in business for about two years, producing hand-finished leather-bound […]