Postalco Alexander Calder Notebooks

These Postalco notebooks (and other accessories) look nice but are pretty pricey! The two notebooks below are each $50 or more.   “Alexander Calder may be best known for his kinetic mobiles, but the sculptor himself was also in constant motion. His oeuvre suggests an attention that shifted effortlessly across art and objects — from […]

From the Readers

Some more tips and questions from our mailbox: Christa’s hand-drawn Moleskines celebrating San Francisco, made to order with your name included in the design:   Paul spotted the RoadPro brand of notebooks at a truckstop in Ohio. I’ve seen these at truckstops too, and also wondered why there would be a brand of notebooks exclusive […]

Postalco Jotter

I like the looks of this notepad: It’s made by a Japanese company called Postalco, comes in blue and a lovely shade of green and measures 4 3/10″ x 5 4/5″. It’s sold, strangely enough, by J. Crew, for the not very reasonable price of $18.50. Via Postalco Jotter | Cool Material.