Smythson Notebooks by Vahram Muratyan

A new collection of colorful Smythson notebooks: “When Smythson approached the graphic artist Vahram Muratyan to design a set of notebooks — carte blanche — Muratyan ran with that freedom. “It occurred to me that I could take those words — those French phrases that we use in English — and place them above the […]

Chic Notebooks

From, a few of their top picks for “chic notebooks for style lovers”: “Is there anything as satisfying than starting off a new journal and writing your name in using your favorite pen? I think not — Especially in chic notebooks that fit every type of fashion gal. “ Source: 8 Chic Notebooks For […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Neysa

This week’s addict emailed me these photos of her collection: Her favorite is the pink Moleskine. Next on her wishlist? A customized Smythson. I like how the pinkish color tone seems to recur throughout her collection despite the wide variety in colors and designs. Thanks for sharing your addiction, Neysa!

Notebooks Spottings

Here’s a few notebooks spotted in assorted advertisements and articles: From the New York Times obituary of theater critic Stanley Kauffman:     From the Wall Street Journal magazine, designer Marc Newson’s sketchbooks, among other favorite things.   Also from the Wall Street Journal magazine, a Moleskine seems to be a favorite tool of Nike […]

Notebooks in Magazines

A few notebook mentions and images culled from magazines recently: First, from a New Yorker profile of playwright Annie Baker:   From a New Yorker article about Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Atoms for Peace:   A Smythson diary makes a cameo appearance in a fashion spread: This is truly spectacular: a collection of journal/scrapbook/sketchbooks […]

10 Notebooks at The Guardian

The Guardian is a consistent source of fun articles about stationery. The latest features 10 of their favorite notebooks. I like this one the best: See more at Ten of the best notebooks – in pictures | Life and style |

Diaries in the WSJ

Some diaries featured in today’s Wall Street Journal…

The Expensive Smythson Notebook

Yet another attractive notebook posted at A Continuous Lean. This one caused quite a firestorm in the comments, when someone questioned the ethics of paying $109 for a notebook while children are starving in Burkina Faso. (My take on it: on some level, no, spending $109 on a notebook is not justifiable in our world, […]

Smythson Notebooks for British Cabinet Members

This is amusing: Which Smythson notebook would you give to which Cabinet minister? Smythson are the makers of lovely little leather-covered notebooks with whimsical phrases embossed on the front. (Somewhere in my collection I have their “Blondes Brunettes Redheads” address book.) The proud holder of two royal warrants, Smythson of Bond Street (established in 1887 […]

Elle Magazine’s Favorite Notebooks

The Elle website features eleven favorite notebooks (with a wee mention of a review by yours truly), including Moleskine, Smythson, the Shopsin Diary, and the oh-so-high-school Trapper Keeper– who knew it’s been revived as a trendy accessory!