New Homes

… for me and my notebooks! I’ve been posting a little less frequently lately because I’ve been very busy preparing for a move to a new home. My notebooks, of course, are all coming with me, and I’ve been trying to organize them better in the process. For years, I’ve stored them all in shoeboxes, […]

Whitebook Notebooks

Here’s interesting new notebook brand I came across via Whitebook It’s another version of the modular style with interchangeable inserts, similar to Kolo or X17 or Midori, but with its own twist and some different features, such as a pen loop and elastics that will hold sheets inside the back cover. The cover is […]

X17 Notebook Review

Here’s another entry in the modular notebook field, the X17 Notebook, which was kindly sent to me for review by the German manufacturer. (They also make the X47 notebooks, which are a more upscale version in leather, with a metal rod that holds the inserts, and their format is used in DayRunner’s “Life Tracker” notebooks.) […]