Happy New Year!

New year, new notebook? New planner? New diary? Or just resolutions about how you’ll use your notebook,  journal, or sketchbook in the new year? Tell us your 2016 plans in the comments! Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy New Year!

Finishing a Couple of Sketchbooks

I’ve had a few sketchbooks in various stages of completion for a couple of years, and I just put two of them to bed. One was a Moleskine sketchbook that I used almost entirely for lunchtime sketches while sitting in parks in NYC– mostly quick pencil sketches, with watercolors added to a few later. After […]

Re-Starting a Fizzled-Out Notebook?

A commenter named Thao had this question in response to my post about hoarding notebooks for the future: “My question for you is how do you repurpose a notebook after its initial use fizzles out? Like projects that never finish or die out and you’ve already devoted 10% of the pages to it. Do you […]

Labor Day: Notebooks at Work

In honor of Labor Day, let’s talk about notebooks used at work, whether it be in an office, or on a construction site, or in a laboratory, or in a classroom, or wherever and however workers use notebooks. I had food service jobs in college and didn’t really use notebooks for that, other than to […]

My Inventory of Spare Notebooks

As you might imagine, I have a lot of notebooks stashed in various places. I have boxes of them under beds and in cabinets and in drawers. They are at home and at the office. They are pretty much everywhere! Lots of them are old ones that I have used. Lots of them are new […]

What I’m Using Now (and Recently)

A reader asked for more details about the notebooks in my “What I’m Using Now” photo. I haven’t been updating that photo as often as I should, though for the most part, it’s still accurate most of the time. The red and blue notebooks are HandBook Artist Journals that I have been slowly filling with […]

Update from Notebook Stories HQ

I am happy to report that my notebooks and I are safely high and dry in Brooklyn, but some of the rest of the city isn’t so lucky. What a terrible storm this has turned out to be, with horrible flooding, fires, power outages and trees falling. I’m not sure when I’ll next be able […]

“What catches your eye when buying a new notebook or journal?”

A reader named Steve asked this question in response to my Notebooks from Portugal post. I have been “collecting” journals and notebooks for several years. I guess I’m first attracted to the cover and material first and then the pages. Then, after I’ve made the purchase, do I start to think about something useful for […]

How Did Your Notebook Collection Start?

A reader named Marjorie wrote to ask how my notebook collection started. It’s hard for me to remember exactly, because I’ve loved notebooks since before I can even remember! My parents have said that when I was about 3, I was already folding pieces of paper in to little booklets to scribble on. A few […]

Moleskine Monday: First Page

I was browsing around on Flickr and found this image that mentioned that it was the person’s first Moleskine page.  It made me wonder what mine was, so I dug around in my boxes of notebooks to find it… I started my first Moleskine sketchbook sometime in 2001, I think. The very first page is […]