19th Century Style Leather Pocket Diary from Gilded Leaf Bindery

If you’re ever in the mood to splurge on something special, this might be a great way to do it:

At $180.00, this is definitely a luxury item, but it’s gorgeous! Made by the Gilded Leaf Bindery in Tennessee, who specialize in hand bookbinding and book restoration.

More details on eBay: Leather Pocket Diary Green Morocco 19th Century Style | eBay

Notebook Made of Synthetic Skin

Ok, this would have to be one of the oddest notebook concepts I’ve come across! And maybe a little creepy… But it makes sense!

“Not every artistic creation is an instant masterpiece, that’s why there are Moleskine sketchbooks. But where perfection really counts is with tattoos, so a magazine dedicated to the craft created a sketchbook made of artificial skin that lets amateur tattoo artists hone their skills. It’s like an unholy grimoire for artists.”

Source: A Sketchbook Full of Synthetic Skin Lets Tattoo Artists Safely Doodle

Moleskine Monday: Chuck Palahniuk Relies on Them… But Burns Them!

Spotted in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, among Chuck Palahniuk’s list of favorite things:


“I rely on Moleskine notebooks. I just fell into the habit—they’re so nice looking. I was in Madrid last summer, and found they had them in all these neon colors—wild bright reds and yellows—that I can’t find in Portland [Ore.], at least. I write my first drafts in them, and the colors allow me to keep track of what notes are in what book. Once I’ve keyed in all of the notes, I burn the notebook. It’s served its purpose and I just don’t like the accumulation of things.”

Source: Author Chuck Palahniuk’s Favorite Gadgets – WSJ

Alice Rivaz’s Notebook

Another beautiful notebook page, with writing in French. This belonged to Alice Rivaz, a Swiss author. The notebook is part of an archive of her papers, which includes other notebooks as well (you have to click around a bit to find a few links to other images).

Found via Google Image search.


Jordan Mechner’s Sketchbooks

Jordan Mechner is an author, screenwriter and video game creator. On his website, he talks about keeping journals and sketchbooks and there are some great drawings, including these:

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.16.10 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.16.43 PM


See more in his blog archives.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Clara

I stumbled across this week’s addict in her blog post celebrating National Stationery Day in 2012, where she lists a few of her favorite items, including, of course, notebooks!



Moleskine notebooks, great piles of them: black for Proper Writing, occasionally red for moments of wild frivolity. Sometimes, if a story is going badly, I convince myself that the notebook paper isn’t QUITE the right shade of off-white, or the right thickness, so I rush out and buy a pile more.”



“Little notebooks for my bag (getting smaller and smaller if I lack confidence in what I’m writing in them)…”

See more at I’ll show you mine… | Sunny side up!.

A Soccer Broadcaster’s Notebooks

I love notebook pages that are dense with information. These ones below, belonging to BBC Radio soccer commentator Nick Barnes, are just packed with writing, color and data– sometimes even little flags for the countries the players are from. All this information could have been captured in a less elaborate way, I’m sure, but Barnes has made each soccer match a work of art.

One of the notebooks seems to be a large size Leuchtturm.


All photographs by Henrik Knudsen for Eight by Eight.

Source: Cheat Sheets I: The Art of Commentary With BBC’s Nick Barnes | Eight by Eight

Notebook Addict of the Week: Charity

This week’s addict blogs at Imperfect Happiness. In one of her posts, she talks about the difficulty of saying “I am a writer.” So many of us have this problem– if we aren’t being paid to publish books or write articles full time, we wonder if we can really call ourselves writers– or sometimes, it’s just a question of answering other people who wonder what kind of writing we do, and whether it counts as “real.”

Charity includes the photo and comment below as proof that she is indeed a writer:

“Evidence: A pile of completed notebooks. (Not pictured: everything on my hard-drive, nearly 1,000 blog posts (and 100’s more on my other blogs, past and present), and dozens of other notebooks.)”


If you write, you are a writer! And if you write in notebooks, all the better! I like Charity’s tidy pile of spiral notebooks– they’re all very similar in style, but I don’t think any two are exactly alike!

Read more at A Writer By Any Other Name | Imperfect Happiness.

Sketches of the Surface

Did you ever wonder how someone came up with the design for the Microsoft Surface tablet? Apparently it started with these early concept sketches in Ralf Groene’s notebook:


Read more at Microsoft’s Surface tablet started off life as this doodle in a sketchbook | The Verge

1911 Catalogue of Stationery

This is extremely cool: a catalog from 1911, featuring all manner of notebooks and other stationery. The only thing that could be cooler would be if you could find some forgotten warehouse that still had all these products in stock!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.00.16 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.00.29 PM


Flip through the whole catalog at Catalogue of stationery : section no. 1, blank …. It goes way beyond notebooks and ledgers– there are pencils, pens, writing papers, and school supplies. A real treat!


Found via  the Quo Vadis blog.


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