Worst Notebook Story Ever!

I love notebooks a lot, but there’s no notebook worth fighting over to the point of pulling out a gun! Some Walmart shoppers got a little too aggressive looking for back to school bargains in the notebook aisle!   Read more: Gun pulled in fight between back to school shoppers at Walmart in Michigan

In Praise of the Basic Composition Book

A nice look at the history of the ubiquitous marbled composition book. I haven’t actually used one in years, but I love them nonetheless! Reading this made me want to buy one! “Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat sketched in marble composition books, and Italian architect Ettore Sottsass used the covers to make furniture. Marble notebooks also furnish […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Bubba

This week’s addict emailed me some photos and the following story: “I’ve loved notebooks since I was a little kid. But this year things got crazy with the super cheap back to school sales at Staples, Walmart, and the dollar stores. Even though a single notebook was as cheap as $0.50, I ended up spending […]

Moleskine Monday: Spotted at Target

I stopped into a Target store the other day to see if there were any exciting notebooks to be found among all the back to school displays. Unfortunately, there was nothing all that enticing, but I did notice these unusual Moleskines, which must be made specially for Target. It’s not the first time I’ve seen […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Caroline

This week’s Addict loves composition books. She has a row of old ones used as journals, plus lots of colorful new ones bought cheap during back to school sales! Read more at Back-to-school: Colorful Composition Notebooks — Caroline Rutledge Armijo.

A Penny For Your Thoughts (or a Notebook)

As this article mentions, there are some big bargains on school supplies to be had these days. I just had this ad pop up while I was reading my email: One cent! They may not be fancy, but if you need some basic spiral notebooks, now’s a good time to shop!