Custom Notebooks at Ito-Ya

Fancy a visit to the paper concierge? “Attention paper sophisticates: Ito-Ya, the legendary 111-year old Japanese stationery mecca will make your dreams come true. On the fourth level of their newly renovated 12-story emporium in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, a counter called “Note Couture” is dedicated to creating the perfect writing pad, on the spot.For […]

Moleskine Monday: Studio Ghibli Special Edition

Oooohhh…   Read more at Studio Ghibli Special Edition: The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya – Moleskine ®.

Moleskine Monday: Custom Printing

Not long ago, Moleskine and Milk announced their collaboration to create custom printed photo albums in Moleskine format. I was intrigued, but disappointed that only larger sizes were offered. Now there’s another way to print your own customized Moleskine book, this time in a pocket sized Japanese album format:   “Your digital drawings can now […]

A Handmade Travel Journal

A really interesting look at someone’s custom designed travel journal holder, with a strap to fasten in the journal, plus pockets for favorite art supplies:     Read more at Week 6 of Designing a Creative Travel Journal | — ✄ – ✄ – the smallest forest – ✄ – ✄ —.

Moleskine Monday: Custom Books

It’s become quite common for people to customize Moleskines by having a company logo stamped or printed onto the cover. Sometimes there might even be some custom content inside. But it is relatively rare that actual books are published using a Moleskine notebook as the medium. Here are two that I own: The first is […]

Random Notebooks from My Collection

Here’s a few things I pulled out of one of my storage boxes, about half of which is filled with childhood notebooks from the late ’70s to mid-’80s. First, a small orange looseleaf notebook. I was probably in about 6th grade when I decided to devote it to Astronomy and colored the cover with a […]

Notebooks at BookMarc

BookMarc is the Marc Jacobs bookstore on Bleecker St. in NYC. They have a cool selection of old and new books, and some rather nice notebooks: The notebooks are all lined inside, seem to be of pretty good quality, and say they are made by Chameleon Like, Inc. On the company’s website, they offer a […]

Design.Y Handmade Leather-bound Notebook from Japan

Grab a tissue before you click through to this link, because you’re going to drool: Design.Y, Handmade Leather-bound Notebook. I just found Design.Y via the Pencil Talk blog, and I had to sit on my hands to keep myself from immediately clicking the buy button for a few of these VERY expensive notebooks. At a […]

Moleskine Monday: Exciting Giveaway and Coupon Code from Jenni Bick!

Many readers will probably be familiar with Jenni Bick Bookbinding— they sell a nice variety of journals and albums that can be personalized. Now, they have a new venture called, a site offering customized stamping of Moleskine notebooks! Moleskine does quite a few customized editions, but they’re usually with large companies or institutions like […]

Simple Handmade Books at Brooklyn Brainery

Have you ever wanted to make your own hand-bound notebook but weren’t quite sure how? There are people out there who will teach you: Simple Handmade Books at Brooklyn Brainery: Inspired by our recent bookbinding class, we’ve been making lots and lots of notebooks lately. So for this month’s Sunday party, we’ll show you the […]