Notebook Addict of the Week: Didier

This week’s addict is a Frenchman who is crazy about notebooks! Il est fou de carnets, I guess you’d say! He also has a lot of fun documenting his notebook addiction in videos. Didier says: Take a look on some of my links on the Wiiiiild Wide Web:  [My Moleskine « hack », 2 Notebooks merged […]

Decorated Sketchbook Covers

Do you decorate your notebook or sketchbook covers? Here’s some cool ones from examples submitted to the Gurney Journey blog:   Read more at Gurney Journey: Your sketchbook covers.

Moleskine Monday: Direct Mail Promotion

A reader tipped me off to this video about a rather neat promotion done with Moleskine notebooks: Link: Print Power Sensory Print Moleskine Direct Mail –

Review: Bound Custom Journals

I’ve had my eye on Bound Custom Journals for a while. The company was launched in 2011 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, inspired by founder Joel Sadler’s desire for a customized travel journal. The result is pretty extraordinary: a website where you can build custom notebooks page by page, with all manner of page templates […]

From the Readers

Some more tips and questions from our mailbox: Christa’s hand-drawn Moleskines celebrating San Francisco, made to order with your name included in the design:   Paul spotted the RoadPro brand of notebooks at a truckstop in Ohio. I’ve seen these at truckstops too, and also wondered why there would be a brand of notebooks exclusive […]

Moleskine Monday: Periodic Table Cahier

This is one of the coolest customized cahiers I’ve seen: Via Make: Online : Designer Moleskines.

Moleskine Monday: Customized Cahier with Vintage Photo Cover

This is one of the more interesting customized Moleskine Cahiers I’ve seen on Etsy. That’s a vintage snapshot sewn to the cover– very cool! Find out more at Strawberry Canyon Hike One of a Kind Moleskine by firandfeather.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Laura Jane

Here’s a cool batch of artistically decorated notebooks: And here’s what Laura Jane has to say about them: My notebooks are my babies, my progeny, an extension of myself. They are my phantom arm. If I ever lost a notebook, it would destroy me, but I would never lose a notebook, because I always check. […]

Moleskine Monday: Customized Planner at Library Notebook

Here’s another example of a customized Moleskine, this time from Library Notebook. She’s turned it into an all-in-one notebook, with lists, a calendar, and sections for specific projects. She’s also added some extra envelopes to hold business cards and snazzed the whole thing up with colorful artwork. More info and images at Library Notebook: Another […]