Tom Lipton’s Industrial Notebook

I recently came across a great post by Tom Lipton of Ox Tools, who designs and builds “special tools, instruments, and mechanical devices for the scientific, medical, product development, and metal working industries.” He has some great thoughts on why it’s important to keep a paper notebook, and the contents of his own notebooks are […]

Review and Giveaway: Elan Pocket-Size Field Book

I’ve been rather fascinated by field books lately. I first owned one when I was in college– I forget where I bought it, but I stumbled on it in a store, thought it looked cool, and ended up using it for some art classes where its durability came in handy. I hadn’t thought about it […]

Avionics Notebooks from Makani Power

This is pretty neat: Makani Power is a company that is developing airborne wind turbines as an energy source. On their blog, they are posting various notebook pages by their engineers showing their work in progress: Eric Chin’s Avionics Notebooks. Peter Kinne’s H-Tail Test Sketches Notebooks: Dr. Paula Echeverri

Review & Giveaway: Book Factory Notebooks

When I wrote about my Engineer’s Field Notebook, I mentioned that I would love to have a pocket sized version. Well, here’s something that’s sort of close: a pocket size lab notebook from The Book Factory. I’ve written about this company before— they’re based in the US, which is a rarity for notebook makers these […]