Notebook Addict of the Week: Lukas

This week’s addict hails from Malta, where he’s amassed quite a collection! Here’s his photos: I love seeing them laid out so neatly in rows, and beyond the obvious Field Notes and Rhodia and a few other brands I recognize, I think there are some European brands here that are less common. I’d love to […]

Review: Essentials Notebook

I first saw the Essentials Notebook brand on the Barnes & Noble website— an accidental find, while looking for the Piccadilly Essential Notebook. I don’t know if the similar naming was deliberate, but the products are from two different companies. This Essentials Notebook is made by Peter Pauper Press, and I bought it at the […]

Piccadilly Notebooks Now in Colors

The latest new development from the folks at Piccadilly: colored versions of their Essential Notebooks. They’re only available in lined versions, at least so far. And I guess they’re only available through Piccadilly’s online store now that Borders is going out of business! I hope they’ll find some other retailers to work with soon…