A Grandfather’s Notebooks

What an amazing story. Lauren Blank received a wonderful gift when she turned 16 recently: Her grandfather decided the time was right to share a special gift with her: three notebooks filled with her grandfather’s writing, documenting all the time they spent together from the time Blank was 2 until she was 5. He documented every […]

Notebooks for Home and Family Organizing

The Unclutterer recently re-posted one of her articles about using notebooks to organize your family and home life: Notebooks are great because they keep all of your important papers in one place and they are easily portable. In our home, we have a recipe notebook, appliance notebook (instruction manuals, purchase receipts, maintenance and repair receipts, […]

Moleskine Monday: Loops!’s Visual Diary

I love the visual journals some people keep in Moleskine diaries. This is a fantastic example, found at Doodlers Anonymous: Loops! is a mommy living in Brussels and she fills her sketchbooks like a diary in living color. You’ll see drawn pages of her family’s travels, her kid’s being sick and the generally overwhelming and […]

Harvard Square Notebook, late 1960s-early 1970s

This notebook has a lot of sentimental value for me, as it belonged to my father. I remember seeing it in his desk when I was a kid and wishing he’d give it to me– my notebook lust started at a very young age. But I wasn’t supposed to be poking around in Dad’s desk, […]

Between Me And You Keepsake Journals

The maker of these journals contacted me, and I thought they looked like a nice gift idea: Between Me And You Keepsake Journals. The journals are meant to be given to a loved one, and each contains blank space as well as a number of questions designed to prompt recollections about the relationship. The idea […]

Preserve Your Happy Memories in a Notebook

Here’s a nice way to use notebooks, from Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project: Studies show that thinking back on happy times elevates mood, and observing and preserving memories is one of the most satisfying ways of bringing order to life. My mother started a memory-keeping tradition a few years ago that has proved to […]

His Heart, My Desire: My Spiral Notebook System

It’s always interesting to read about how others use notebooks– everyone’s system is different! Here’s someone who’s found an inexpensive method that works for her: Searching for the perfect day planner has always been a difficult task for me. I have spent so much money on planners of every sort and size trying to find […]

Is Your Significant Other Jealous of Your Notebooks?

I have to admit mine often says things like You’re always fondling that thing! Do you sleep with that notebook when I’m not here? You love your little notebooks more than you love me! Sad but true…