Chefs’ Notebooks Photographed by Jeff Scott

More notebooks from chefs! “Fine-art photographer Jeff Scott won the 2012 James Beard Foundation Award in the Photography category for Notes From a Kitchen: A Journey Inside Culinary Obsession…. The book doesn’t contain any recipes, but instead aims to reveal the creative process for some of the top, young chefs in America. Shot documentary-style, Scott’s […]

A Very Yummy Notebook Page

Chefs can have some pretty interesting notebooks. This one belongs to Nick Wuest, who is a Pastry Arts student at the International Culinary Center. The first few lines of this recipe already had me salivating… And here’s his results! Yum. You can get the full recipe here: Play with your food: Brown Sugar Caramel-Cinnamon Ice […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Nancy Hanst

This week’s addict came to me via a tip from a reader (Thanks Raymond!), and I was delighted to see this story: Nancy Hanst has kept a food diary since 1962. I love Nancy’s stacks of little spiral-bound notebooks, and her consistency in keeping them for over 50 years!   From Nancy’s article: So, here […]

Moleskine Monday: A Chocolate Journal??

Ok, I think these Passions journals are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit. How many people really need a whole separate notebook to keep track of the different kinds of chocolate they eat? The answer, I suppose is that no one really needs such a journal. A few people might want […]

Beverage Notebooks

Here’s some cool notebooks I found out about from a reader (thanks June!) If you like beer, you’ll love this: See more at There’s also a wine journal at And for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, check this one out: I like the design– they seem to have a nice balance of […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Elissa Altman

This week’s notebook addict is food writer Elissa Altman, who calls herself a “journal junkie” and shares these images at her blog Poor Man’s Feast: Here’s some of her thoughts about her addiction: I don’t know when it happened, exactly, or why, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fanatical about notebooks. […]

Yummy Idea: Keep a Chocolate Notebook!

Talk about the ultimate indulgence: devoting a notebook entirely to one’s chocolate consumption! Isn’t it hard to start writing in a brand new notebook? Best to write or draw something on the first page right away, so you don’t have to be intimidated by the blank pages anymore. This is my newest one and I […]

Keep a Weight-Loss Journal

Just one more reason to love notebooks: they can help you lose weight! Lots of people (myself included) use notebooks to record their food intake and exercise. But here’s another suggestion I hadn’t heard of: Compliment Journal: This is more than just about compliments, but use it as a starting point. Write down inspiring quotes […]

Logging Lentil Leftovers

This has to be the strangest, most specific use of a notebook I’ve ever heard about: Clément Gaujal, a customer quality representative for Nissan who grew up in Paris, recalled that his mother had a tenuous grasp of batch size when it came to lentils, and often ended up serving their leftovers for three or […]

Notebook Uses: Food and Exercise Journal

Here’s someone who is just starting to use a notebook to track food and exercise: First things first, to find out if I can keep track of my eating and exercising, I have started a food and exercise journal. This is nothing fancy right now, it is just a spiral notebook left over from school. […]