School Supplies Around the World

An interesting article about the different types of school supplies typically used by students in various countries, including, of course, a few notebooks. In Norway, this “kladblok” is typical: And here are some notebooks used in a French school: Read more at School supplies used by students around the world.

Giveaway!! Rhodia Ice

No long review today, just a quickie giveaway, courtesy of our friends at Exaclair/ Rhodia! They have just introduced some new pads in a slick new color scheme: white and silver, cool and slick for the summer! I love their classic orange, but this is gorgeous too! To enter, leave a comment about what you […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Sarah

This week’s addict emailed me the photo below of her collection: “I still have my first journal from 47 years ago. I restrict my collecting to sewn or ring bound books, no glued or stapled books. Some of there books were gifts, the group on the left are all from France and brought to me […]

Review: Calepino Notebook

It’s taken me forever to get around to reviewing these notebooks, despite having basically had someone else write it for me! Below are some comments and photos from Ted, a former addict of the week: Got my order of Calepino today. Basically the french Field Notes. Right down to some of the wording on the […]

Laughing Elephant Notebooks

I love these retro-look notebooks from Laughing Elephant, so many colorful designs:   Buy at Notebooks | Laughing Elephant.

Calepino Notebooks

Here’s a new brand of notebooks that look fantastic! Notebooks : Calepino. Designed and manufactured in France, available in lined, squared and plain. 48 pages, 90g paper, 9 x 14cm. Sold in 3-packs that come in nice little case. Each 3-pack is 9 Euros, but outside the EU you can take 19.6% off since you […]

“Burning the Evidence”

Oh, how this pains me!!! I just burned 40 years’ worth of diaries. I didn’t plan to — or rather, I had always planned to, once I knew I was dying, or so old that I would soon lack the energy to gather wood. But I woke one morning and knew it was time to […]

Astier de Villate Notebooks

You might recognize these as one of the “7 Not-Boring Notebooks” I linked to a while back. They were featured at Jayson Home & Garden as “Bleeker Notebooks“, but they’re also sold by, and perhaps made by a French company called Astier de Villate. It’s probably easier and cheaper to buy them from Jayson, but […]