3 New Notebooks

They may not quite make you want to “toss your Moleskine,” as the author of the original post says, but they will certainly make nice additions to your collection! Read more at These 3 Beautiful Notebooks Will Make You Want To Toss Your Moleskine | Co.Design | business + design.

Review and Giveaway: Elan Pocket-Size Field Book

I’ve been rather fascinated by field books lately. I first owned one when I was in college– I forget where I bought it, but I stumbled on it in a store, thought it looked cool, and ended up using it for some art classes where its durability came in handy. I hadn’t thought about it […]

Review: 2012 Typotheque Pocket Calendar

Quite a while back, I posted a link to a snazzy looking diary by Typotheque. Little did I know that almost two years later, I’d be sent a sample to review!  Seeing this year’s version in person did not disappoint. Here it is: I love the nice clean design, with all its sharp lines and […]

Susan Kare’s Sketchbook: The Birth of an Icon

Very cool! The original sketchbook of the woman who designed the graphical interface icons for the first Mac computers:   Kare stayed on at Apple to craft the navigational elements for Mac’s GUI. Because an application for designing icons on screen hadn’t been coded yet, she went to the University Art supply store in Palo […]

Review and Giveaway: Rubberband Notebooks

I forget how I first heard about Rubberband notebooks, but I emailed them a while back and they sent me a great batch of samples to review. Let’s take a look! First, we have this very snazzy planner. It comes in a slipcase with a paper band around it, and inside you get a nice […]

Review: Ecosystem Notebook

A while back, I wrote a post mentioning Ecosystem notebooks. Someone at Ecosystem actually noticed, and even though I more or less trashed their whole brand identity, they were kind enough to send me a sample so I could actually review the quality of the product. (Now that’s good marketing.) So, let’s take a look… […]