What I Am Using Now

A commenter on a recent post asked what notebooks I was using for my business and personal notes. The notebook I was referring to in that post was a pocket-sized squared Moleskine, one of my hoard of old ones from before their quality declined so much. That is my daily catch-all notebook for journal entries, […]

Review and Giveaway: Penroll

I tend not to review very many notebook-related accessories on this site. There are various pen-holders and notebook covers on the market but I am not usually interested in them, as I like to keep my notebooks pretty simple and unencumbered. But when I first spotted the Penroll, I was immediately attracted to it and […]

Review: Hahnemuhle Travel Journal and Travel Booklets

I forget exactly how I stumbled across the Hahnemuhle Travel Journal, but this is the website where I first remember seeing it, and the photo that got me all excited: Heaton Cooper Studio Nice plain black covers, a somewhat chunky shape, and no yucky cover overhang! I had to have one. I went searching around […]

What I’m Using Now

I haven’t updated my “using now” photo in a while– the photo that’s been there was of a Piccadilly graph notebook. After that, I went through a Moleskine graph notebook within a couple of months– this was one of the ones I got for 50 cents and it definitely had some quality issues– some of […]

HandBook vs. Moleskine

I did my own comparison of a few sketchbooks including the HandBook and Moleskine. I use both brands regularly and like them both very much, for different reasons. But here’s a review from someone who HATES the HandBook! I’d had some issues with coloring the pages, since they don’t lie as flat as the Moleskine […]

Four Notebooks Reviewed Part 3: Moleskine, HandBook, Derwent and Pen & Ink

After looking at various attributes of the Moleskine, HandBook, Derwent, and Pen & Ink sketchbooks (see Part 1 and Part 2 of this review), let’s sum up a few key points about these 4 very similar notebooks. Moleskine: Made in China 80 pages Price: $10-15, depending on retailer Where to Buy: Amazon and all major […]

Lunchtime at the Stationery Store

I’m fortunate to work in a neighborhood with some great shopping– or perhaps it’s unfortunate, as the temptation to overspend can be dangerous! Here in New York’s Flatiron/Chelsea district I have at least 3 good stationery/art supply shops within a short walk: Paper Access, Sam Flax, and A. I. Friedman. Today I spent part of […]