Japanese Stationery

If, like me, you are dying to go to Japan to explore its stationery stores, you will enjoy the vicarious journey provided by this article and its luscious photographs. Enjoy! Source: Japan: Paradise for Stationery Lovers Save Save

Custom Notebooks at Ito-Ya

Fancy a visit to the paper concierge? “Attention paper sophisticates: Ito-Ya, the legendary 111-year old Japanese stationery mecca will make your dreams come true. On the fourth level of their newly renovated 12-story emporium in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, a counter called “Note Couture” is dedicated to creating the perfect writing pad, on the spot.For […]

WWII Japanese Notebooks

A tantalizing glimpse of some Japanese notebooks dating back to World War II: “Long-forgotten documents on Japan’s attempt to build an atomic bomb during World War II have been discovered at Kyoto University, which experts say further confirms the secret program’s existence and could reveal the level of the research. The newly found items, dating […]

Life Renover Notebook Giveaway

Life notebooks always catch my eye in stores. The covers look so elegant in a modern yet retro way. And the paper always feels so smooth and silky. This one above was a freebie from the generous folks at Notebook Maniac, who sell a variety of notebook brands, many from Japan, including Life, Midori, Tsubame, […]

Review: Design.Y Notebooks

I can’t believe it’s taken me over 2 years to review these notebooks. I first heard of Design-Y in early 2012, when they were receiving quite a bit of buzz on fountain pen blogs. If you’re not familiar with this brand, here’s the background: they are handmade in Japan by a Mr. Yoshino. He uses […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Russell Stutler

Based on the photo below and the website where I found it, Russell Stutler is definitely a sketchbook addict.   His website is a great resource for anyone who is interested in sketching on the go– there are articles on tools like waterbrushes and assorted sketchbook brands, and tips on how to use them in […]

Quick Review: Notebooks from Jet Pens

Here’s a couple of notebooks I bought at Jet Pens about a year ago. First, the adorable little Metaphys notepad, shown next to a pocket Moleskine so you can see how small it is. I love the orange cloth-covered flexi cover. Inside there are blank pages made of a fairly thin, smooth paper. They are […]

Can Notebooks Help the Japanese Have More Babies?

Weirdest notebook story of the week: With Japan’s birth rate stuck in low gear, the Abe administration has come up with a new idea to make babies: convince the women to have a child earlier rather than later. It plans to give out notebooks to all young women – and perhaps also to young men […]

Notebook Page by Shingo Ikeda

I am sorry to say that I seem to have misplaced the name of the reader who tipped me off to this intriguing image, from an exhibition called “Souzou,” featuring  the work of 46 self-taught artists living and working within social welfare facilities across Japan: Untitled by Shingo Ikeda Undated, artist’s notebook, collection of the […]

Moleskine Monday: Blogging on Paper

I love this idea– writing and drawing a blog in a notebook and then scanning the pages into an online blog. I’ll have to try it sometime!     Takashi Betsui’s day job at an ad agency in Tokyo is decidedly digital, but his blogging life is much more analog than you’d expect. In fact, […]