Notebook Addict of the Week: Ella

This week’s addict comes from a family who must have a house full of notebooks! Ella was previously featured along with her sister when she was only 5 years old. Her dad Shane has also been featured as an addict. Ella has not outgrown her love of notebooks. Here is her colorful collection so far: […]

Student Writers and their Notebooks

I always love seeing kids with notebooks:   “Standing in line to go back to class Thursday, Oct. 20, Ekole Azah jotted a few more lines of a ghostly encounter in her notebook. Her Halloween tale was one of many stories written by students at Bethany School as they joined in the National Day of […]

A Fourth Grader Who Writes Novels in Notebooks

I love this kid! Such a cute story, and I bet she will be filling many more notebooks in the years to come! “One budding author at Aldrich Intermediate School has written so many novels, she has to lug them around in a Dora the Explorer suitcase. Fourth grader Amari Morton not only fills spiral […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: A Four Year Old!

Jes from Australia writes to say that her 4 year old son is a budding notebook addict! “About 18 months ago he asked for a notebook from my own (extensive collection, who said addiction doesn’t run in families? ). Since then he has filled a few. I love watching him create and record himself in […]

Cynthia Rowley’s Packing List Includes Notebooks

From the New York Times website, designer Cynthia Rowley talks about favorite things to bring along on her travels, including journals for her kids to record their adventures, at around the :57 mark: Via Can’t Go Without: Cynthia Rowley.

A Five-Year Old Notebook Fan!

This is one of my favorite reader-submitted photos ever– meet Tholakele, a 5-year old from South Africa.  On a trip to Paris, left the toy department at Le Bon Marché empty handed and instead picked out a notebook and pen and ink set for herself, which she tried out the minute she and her mother […]

Spying Journal

I think I have turned my 8-year-old niece into a notebook fan! A couple of years ago, we started playing “spy” a lot when I’d visit. For me, of course, half the fun of playing spy has always been that it’s an excuse to carry a notebook and write things down! So that was always […]

Notebook Addicts of the Week: Julia and Ella

Sometimes notebook addiction runs in the family: Shane, a former addict himself, has two daughters with the addiction in their blood! I’m afraid/proud to say that my girls, Julia (8), and Ella (6) are blossoming junior notebook addicts. As I’m looking for journals at Target or TJ Maxx, they always ask if they can get […]

Kids Who Love Notebooks

I always love coming across stories about kids using notebooks: My son commented that he needed more notebooks. I asked him why. Didn’t he have several notebooks that weren’t full? Yes, he said, but one was for thoughts on his school work, and the second was about the environment, and the third one was for […]

Notebooks for Kids

I just had a visit from my young niece and nephew. We were celebrating birthdays, and one of the presents I gave my niece was a diary with a little padlock, which also came with an invisible ink pen, viewable only with its built-in special light. She loved it and I caught my nephew giving […]