“Fab Notebooks”

The blog All Women’s Talk features a variety of cute and colorful notebooks, including these: See more at 8 Fab Notebooks to Write in ….

Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper #3 Coming Soon!

The third edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper will be here before you know it, this time hosted by Office Supply Geek on Tuesday October 6th. Submissions are due by 5pm EST on Sunday October 4th. The Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper is a traveling monthly collection of the best blog […]

Announcing the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

It’s time for something new! Introducing the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper, which will kick off here at Notebook Stories on Tuesday, August 4th. Future editions will be hosted by The Pen Addict on September 8th , Office Supply Geek on October 6th, and other blogs yet to be determined. If you are a […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: J. D. Roth

Who knew? I was already familiar with JD’s excellent blog Get Rich Slowly, but I didn’t know he was a notebook addict: Read more here, or view the annotated Flickr image here.

Win a Piccadilly Journal

The Art of Nonconformity is having a writing contest with many fabulous prizes. Ok, maybe I’d rather win the Business Class upgrade on any American Airlines flight, but one of the other prizes is a Piccadilly journal: A new journal from Piccadilly Journal. This moleskine-alternative is what I’ve been using recently. It’s better than moleskine […]

Don’t Be Afraid!

So says our friend Inkophile in “My New Notebook Is Scary!“: Ever been at a loss over how to utilize that terrific new notebook? Afraid you’ll make a mess of it? Relax. It’s your notebook and it will hang on your every word. Honest! Read more at her blog, and check out the latest ink […]

Welcome, Unclutterer Readers!

Welcome to everyone who came here looking for “notebook p 0 r n!” I promise you will find it! This site lovingly and obsessively drools over new and old notebooks of all brands, my notebooks, other people’s notebooks, with reviews, photos, ideas, tips, musings and questions, all about notebooks! You can subscribe to my feed […]

On “On Keeping a Notebook”

This Fringe Magazine article shares a title with, and quotes from one of my favorite Joan Didion essays, “On Keeping a Notebook.” In her essay, Didion says she doesn’t keep a notebook as any kind of attempt to record the facts of her daily life or to fossilize the events of the world around her. […]

Mike Singletary On Using Notebooks

I love finding articles where people from all walks of life talk about using notebooks. It’s way too easy to find writers talking about using notebooks– that gets really boring after a while, so I was happy to come across this article, an interview with Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA, […]

“Old Notebooks Stuffed With Inconsequential Factoids”

Found at Archives Tragic: …she describes her life-long diary and note-keeping habits, and the shelves of “battered old notebooks stuffed with inconsequential factoids” that have accumulated as a result. She never opens the notebooks once they are finished, but can’t bring herself to destroy them either. From a review of The Feel of Steel, by […]