London Notebooks

I was in London a few months ago, and while the trip wasn’t my best notebook-spotting adventure, I did see a few interesting items. At Foyle’s, the huge bookstore on Charing Cross Road, there is a nice selection of stationery tucked in shelves by the registers on the 2nd floor. I thought the Puggy’s Best […]

Famille Summerbelle Map Notebooks

These look cute… I love the intricate designs, which seem to be based on cut paper! Find out more at Discover our new notebooks! – Famille Summerbelle.

More on London Notebooks

When I was complaining about the bleak landscape for London notebook shopping, I didn’t mention the most frustrating part of the trip! I was there on business, and during my last meeting of the trip, when I already knew it was pretty likely that I’d go home without buying anything, I spotted a really gorgeous […]

Disappointing Notebook Shopping

I went to London recently on a business trip and was excited about having an opportunity to spot some notebooks that might not be available in the US… but unfortunately, the trip was a bit of a bust in that respect. I had jotted down the names of some stationery and art supply shops (thank […]

1880s Memorandum Book

Here’s a drool-worthy item that some collector has probably already snapped up:   From the description: “The writing in the book includes “This Old Pocket Book & Pencil was given to me by my Father about the year 1882 and in the following pages I have recorded some of the events of my Life, places […]

Moleskine Monday: National Gallery Guidebooks

This is sort of old news but I realized I’d never posted it: one of Moleskine’s custom projects is a pair of National Gallery guidebooks. For everyone who wants to explore the fascinating world of art in London, Moleskine has partnered with the National Gallery museum to release two different city guide notebooks with a […]

A Moleskine Fangirl Introduces Stationery Club

If you live in London, you might want to join the  Stationery Club.  Here’s what a self-described Moleskine Fangirl has to say about a meeting she attended, and her own notebook preferences: “Is it a real club?” Yes.  A real-life, lots of people in a bar, scaring the non-stationery normals out of the room type […]

Using the Moleskine City Notebook: Paris

I have two of the Moleskine City Notebooks, one for New York (where I live) and one for Paris. I bought it for my first trip there a couple of months ago, and I really loved having it. Paris is the kind of place that is so constantly featured in newspaper and magazine articles– the […]