A Grandfather’s Notebooks

What an amazing story. Lauren Blank received a wonderful gift when she turned 16 recently: Her grandfather decided the time was right to share a special gift with her: three notebooks filled with her grandfather’s writing, documenting all the time they spent together from the time Blank was 2 until she was 5. He documented every […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Landon

This week’s addict has some advice for you: Write It Down. Now.. We need to write things down. I’m not talking about a to-do list. There are plenty of apps (I user Clear) and this is not one of those articles. I’m talking about the things running through your brain right now: your week ahead, […]

A Notebook Accidentally Thrown Out!

A sad tale! I am not the sum total of my tattered alphabetical notebook, which currently lies in the slush of the Wellington tip, but that slice of old technology was a part of me. It must have disappeared when I emptied out the contents of my waste paper bin, congratulating myself for remembering collection […]

Notebooks that Lead Down Memory Lane

Here’s something that will ring a bell for many of you, as it did for me. It’s amazing how you can lose track of your tidying up when you get lost in the memories that old notebooks conjure up! So here it is another new year, and here I am once again, picking up and […]

Harvard Square Notebook, late 1960s-early 1970s

This notebook has a lot of sentimental value for me, as it belonged to my father. I remember seeing it in his desk when I was a kid and wishing he’d give it to me– my notebook lust started at a very young age. But I wasn’t supposed to be poking around in Dad’s desk, […]

Thoughts on Journaling

From The Unfolding Moment, this is a lovely post about the ups and downs of keeping a journal, and now it feels to go back and re-read old journals: Reflection: Leave the Roots On. Every once in a while, I become reacquainted with old notebooks. My life is flush with them: sketchbooks and art journals, […]

Throwing Out Old Diaries?

From an entry at 43 Things: continue writing in my journal Got to get a new one I threw away all my old diaries becuase they were just bad memories and the bad energy just made me miserable. I feel lighter now that i got rid of them… Time to start a new journal. One […]

Starting Early: Kids Who Love Notebooks

I think this photo is adorable: It’s from a blog called The Lily Pad, where the child’s mother writes: Her favorite thing is notebooks. Big notebooks, tiny notebooks, spiral notebooks, journals, blank pages, lined pages; she loves them all. I hope the love of art and writing and her imagination and creativity stay with her […]

Do You Remember Your First Notebook?

I don’t remember my first notebook, but my mother claims I was folding up pieces of paper into little books and carrying them around with me from at least the age of 3! Later, I remember having those little square datebooks that Hallmark shops used to give away for free–the ones that listed all the […]