Planner Formats

How do you feel about planner notebooks with highly formatted pages? I love seeing images of how people use them, as the pages sometimes look wonderfully dense and textured with text and colors and highlighting. But when it comes to using them myself, I’m a bit reluctant. I make lots of lists on paper, but […]

Organizing with Notebooks

Here’s an interesting look at one person’s notebooks and how she uses them: “I love notebooks and I love seeing other bloggers sharing how they use theirs. It is like getting to see how their minds work on paper! I have lots of notebooks and a few pricey Moleskine that are sitting in boxes unloved since I want to save them […]

A Notebook Accidentally Thrown Out!

A sad tale! I am not the sum total of my tattered alphabetical notebook, which currently lies in the slush of the Wellington tip, but that slice of old technology was a part of me. It must have disappeared when I emptied out the contents of my waste paper bin, congratulating myself for remembering collection […]

Moleskine Monday: Part of a CEO’s Day

From an interesting article about how Tim O’Shaughnessy, the CEO of Living Social, manages his day: I carry a little leather Moleskine notebook with me everywhere. It’s filled with lists, like numbers I want to discuss, agenda items for staff meetings, or the biggest threats to our business. If I have an idea, it goes […]

One Notebook or Many?

Steve at Recording Thoughts has written a marathon series on the question “One Notebook or Many?” Now, I suppose you could argue that this isn’t even a question, as you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if “many” notebooks wasn’t your idea of a good thing! But the issue here is whether to capture all […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Tac Anderson

This week’s addict has written various blog posts thoroughly documenting how he keeps himself organized with a version of the GTD (Getting Things Done) system. And he’s filled a lot of notebooks doing it! I also loved this quote: Why do I insist on keeping a notebook? To quote Dwight Schrute, “I keep secrets from […]

How Chefs Keep Track of Their Recipes

I liked this article: How Professional Chefs Organize Recipes With Digital Devices – Although the article focuses on digital devices, good old paper notebooks make an appearance: Whether it’s a pile of food-splotched printouts or a cluttered digital desktop, many cooking enthusiasts are swimming in recipes, with no good system for storing them. Is […]

Notebooks for Home and Family Organizing

The Unclutterer recently re-posted one of her articles about using notebooks to organize your family and home life: Notebooks are great because they keep all of your important papers in one place and they are easily portable. In our home, we have a recipe notebook, appliance notebook (instruction manuals, purchase receipts, maintenance and repair receipts, […]

Moleskine Monday: A GTD Hack

There are lots of people out there who are passionate about organizing their lives using the GTD (Getting Things Done) method with Moleskine notebooks. Here’s one person’s technique:   The first part of my system begins with my weekly tasks page. This is the big rocks I have to get done this week. The two […]

Sketchnotes Channel at Core77

 Sketchnotes seem to be more and more popular these days. I think Mike Rohde first coined the phrase and the practice of creating beautiful illustrated notes, but lots of others are getting on the bandwagon, so much so that the design website Core77 is introducing a regular feature on their site, focusing on various examples […]