Review: Essentials Notebook

I first saw the Essentials Notebook brand on the Barnes & Noble website— an accidental find, while looking for the Piccadilly Essential Notebook. I don’t know if the similar naming was deliberate, but the products are from two different companies. This Essentials Notebook is made by Peter Pauper Press, and I bought it at the […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Kim

This week’s addict sent me an email about her notebook addiction: “The name is Kim and I have been an notebook addict unofficially since 1996 but officially since 2001. When I discovered this website it made me realize I am not alone out there and people understand the obsession these magical books posses! One of […]

Moleskine Monday: I May Never Buy a New Moleskine Again

I am really quite depressed. I keep poking around in stores, looking at their stock of Moleskines to see if anything’s changed with how they’re making them. At one point several months ago, I’d had a glimmer of optimism that maybe there had just been a blip in their manufacturing rather than an overall decline […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: D Murphy

This week’s addict contacted me by email to share this photo: I love this collection– the almost architectural way they’re stacked and shelved, the consistency of notebook types and date/subject labeling. And many of them have a nice worn in look– not totally beat up, but that slightly dingy and soft look that comes from […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Vikram

This week’s addict emailed me photos of his collection with the following commentary: I’m a normal guy, high school grad and going into college. I’d like to share with you a couple pictures of my notebook collection; though this picture is incomplete, it includes about 80% of all my notebooks. Favorites: red Miquelrius 300-sheet journal […]

Piccadilly Notebooks Now in Colors

The latest new development from the folks at Piccadilly: colored versions of their Essential Notebooks. They’re only available in lined versions, at least so far. And I guess they’re only available through Piccadilly’s online store now that Borders is going out of business! I hope they’ll find some other retailers to work with soon…

Moleskine Monday: “Brand Ambassadors” (for the Right Brand?)

This article talks about the way Moleskine’s loyal fans do a lot of their marketing for them: How Moleskine Converts Fans and Retailers to Brand Ambassadors. This video is included, in which an architect talks about Moleskines and shows off 3 he is currently using. But I found myself wondering if one of them is […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Bisonlady

This week’s addict emailed me a link to her Flickr photo stream, which includes these photos (and more) of her very large collection of journals. Wow:     Here’s what she has to say about them: From the attic to various places in my bedroom: paper as far as the eye can see… I’ve always […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Trece

This week’s addict was nominated by her friend Julie, who sent me this link to a post with a plethora of notebooks and journals! Here’s just a few of the 38 notebooks I counted in Trece’s post! See more at List-It Tuesday: Journal Possibilities

Piccadilly Pricing.. and Problems?

I’ve been thinking about Piccadilly notebooks lately, as things have been changing in the retail landscape for them. Piccadilly has mainly sold their notebooks (by which I mean their Moleskine-like “Essential Notebooks“) exclusively in Borders stores. They are stocked in the bargain section rather than with the rest of the stationery products. As far as […]