Moleskine Monday: My Collection

I haven’t done many Moleskine Monday posts lately… and it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my stash of spare Moleskines. For those who haven’t read other posts where I’ve talked about how I feel about the Moleskine brand, here’s an abbreviated version: Late 1990s/early 2000’s— not too long after Modo e Modo […]

Review and Giveaway: Paperblanks Mini Reporter Notebooks

The folks at Paperblanks were kind enough to send me some samples after seeing my review of their “Old Leather” notebook. I am so glad they did, as I really love the notebooks they sent. Though there are things about them that are not 100% what I tend to look for in notebooks for my […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Goodsnake

A nice collection of Moleskines, posted on Flickr: I see sketchbooks, ruled and squared, large and small, top-opening and side-opening, which got me thinking: do most Moleskine users tend to buy mostly one kind of Moleskine over and over again, or do they have a wide variety like this? My Moleskine collection is much more […]

Notebook Stolen by Gaddafi’s Son?

A reader tipped me off to this story, about a reporter whose notebook went missing in Libya:   I like notebooks. I like writing things down – bits of detail, colour, what people say, their names, memory joggers, phone numbers. You name it. I am writing this in a notebook because we are out filming. […]

Calvin Trillin’s Notebook

I was catching up on my New Yorker magazines over the weekend and enjoyed this article by Calvin Trillin: Remembering the Freedom Riders. I also liked the accompanying photo of the author as a young reporter… with a notebook, of course!  

Notebook Addict of the Week: Range

I’ve noticed a couple of great posts about notebooks by Range over at Memoirs on a Rainy Day. I love it when people can just talk about their notebooks and why they like them and how they use them, as in this post: Notebook Obsession and Rhodia Love. He doesn’t have a photo of his […]

Paper + Electronic: The Livescribe Pulse Pen & Journal

I’d been noticing ads for Livescribe products but I hadn’t really paid attention until seeing this article by James Fallows: My new favorite gadget: Livescribe Pulse pen. It actually sounds pretty cool– the pen is an audio recorder, which you use with special paper. As you write, the pen keeps track of where you are […]