Laughing Elephant Notebooks

I love these retro-look notebooks from Laughing Elephant, so many colorful designs:   Buy at Notebooks | Laughing Elephant.

On Etsy: Celestefrittata Magical Notebooks

Another Etsy seller with some cool stationery products: Celestefrittata. These notebooks have a lovely aged look to them, almost like an old children’s book with a decorated binding. Via Paper Crave: Celestefrittata Magical Notebooks.

Retro and Expensive!

Here’s a neat item that stretches the definition of “notebook,” or at least turns the clock back on it! Brass and Ivory Pocket Notebook It’s the 18th century version of the PDA. Beautifully crafted here in the US. Based on an original that Jefferson owned. These are made of sturdy brass stock with 4 old […]