London Notebooks

I was in London a few months ago, and while the trip wasn’t my best notebook-spotting adventure, I did see a few interesting items. At Foyle’s, the huge bookstore on Charing Cross Road, there is a nice selection of stationery tucked in shelves by the registers on the 2nd floor. I thought the Puggy’s Best […]

Happy Thanksgiving… and Black Friday!

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! Hope it is full of family, friends, fun, and feasting before you start thinking about shopping… but once you do… here’s a few gift ideas for your favorite notebook addict–perhaps yourself! Brice Marden Notebooks: I posted about these recently, but hadn’t yet received my own copies of the facsimile […]

Shopping for Notebooks at Book People

I recently went to Book People, a great independent bookstore in Austin, Texas. They have a huge selection of gift items and stationery, including lots of notebooks from Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Miquelrius, Michael Roger, HandBook, Paperblanks, Rhodia, Field Notes and many more. Here’s what I had to snag for myself, as I’d never seen these in […]

In Search of Notebooks: Paris and Amsterdam

I recently took a trip to Paris and Amsterdam. Searching for notebooks wasn’t the sole purpose of the trip, of course, but I did a better job than usual of preparing for the journey with some research on places to buy notebooks. In Amsterdam, I had less time to devote to stationery shopping, as I’d […]

Notebook Sightings

Some of the notebooks I’ve spotted on recent shopping trips, first these “Carnets de Poche” at a gift shop in Bethesda, MD. They’re a bit large to really fit in your poche, perhaps, but rather cute nonetheless, with a nice mix of papers inside:   I was quite intrigued by these Mead planners I saw […]

Obligatory Black Friday Post

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are stuffed with good food. If you’re starting your holiday shopping now, don’t forget to consider the Notebook Stories Store on Amazon for a selection of notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, pens, and books about sketchbooks and journaling.  Blick Art Materials is also a great source for sketchbooks, pens […]

Unexpected Sources of Cute Notebooks

I love finding notebooks where I least expect them. Drop into your local American Eagle Outfitters store and you might be able to snag some of these– they were marked down when I saw them a couple of weeks ago!

EBay Find: Rice-Stix

Every once in a while, I have a little burst of temporary insanity, and I decide to go browsing on EBay. Fortunately, some of these bursts lead to interesting and inexpensive notebook finds! Here’s a real gem: This notebook must have been given out as a promotional item by a company called Rice-Stix, based in […]

Weekend Shopping

I stopped by a Borders store in Southbury, Connecticut this weekend, and look what I saw: Barnes & Noble isn’t the only chain bookstore offering some exclusive Moleskine items– Borders offers this “brick,” a lined notebook bundled with 2 cahiers: This display of journals was quite attractive. I tend to use mainly plain black journals, […]

Moleskines in Paris: Ouch!

I was in Paris this past weekend. Though I was trying to squeeze a lot of sight-seeing into a short trip, of course I tried to look for notebooks! I didn’t come across too many stationery stores, but I did find one place that was selling Moleskines, in what I think is considered part of […]